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June 2001

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Added Wednesday, June 27, 2001
Site Update
Hi there. Haven't had time to add anything to the site this week because I've been busy with little William.

I'll hopefully be able to add all the many transcripts I have piled up here to my site pretty soon, just as soon as I catch up on some sleep!

In the meantime enjoy tomorrow night's season finale episode, Existence.

Written Sunday, June 24, 2001
Evolution Review
This week (Wednesday at 8pm) on The Movie Show on SBS there will be a review of Evolution.
ThanX Matthew on ausxfnews.

David Duchovny in Australia
I've added various transcripts to my David Duchovny in Australia section.

Added Saturday, June 23, 2001
The Koala Girl
I've added the story of Mel's encounter with David Duchovny [see below] to my David Duchovny in Australia section.

Added Friday, June 22, 2001
Aus News
There's a small bit in today's Who Weekly on David Duchovny in Australia last week where he wanted to meet Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter.

Yesterday's Herald-Sun had the 10 David Duchovny questions and answers relating to their contest last month. The article has been transcribed by Mist! and posted to the Channel 10 X-Files Message Board. You can read it on my David Duchovny in Australia section.
ThanX Lucy for sending me a copy of Mist's transcript.

There was a small mention in Woman's Day about David Duchovny being offered $2m to have dinner with the Sultan of Brunei.
ThanX Kim on ausxfnews.

Cash for the Kids
In Wednesday's Daily Telegraph:
Radio funny guy Andrew Denton will kick off Triple M's Cash for the Kids Appeal this Friday at Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick where he hopes to raise $100 000.

Pledges will be taken up throughout the day and collector's items are up for auction, including an alien head signed by David Duchovny........
ThanX Donna on ausxfnews.

Site Update
I've added Essence to my Season 8 episode guide.

Added Thursday, June 21, 2001
Vertical Limit Competition
There is a Vertical Limit [starring Nicholas Lea] competition on Urban Cinefile. Up for grabs are prize packs including the DVD, a T Shirt, ski-cap and a keychain stopwatch.

Tonight's Episode
Tonight's X-Files episode on Channel 10, titled "Essence", is the second last of the season.

Site Update
I've added Vienen and Alone to my Season 8 episode guide.

The Family Man
The Family Man, starring Téa Leoni will be released on video on August 22.

Aus News
There is a review of The X-Files Movie in today's The Australian newspaper.

The free Brisbane entertainment papers Scene and Rave Magazine this week have House Of Mirth reviews [transcripts will be added soon]. The Rave Magazine also had an advertisement for Evolution with the catchphrase "Have a nice end of the world".

The June 20 issue of the UK magazine Now is available at some local newsagents now and it has a 2 page article on Evolution.

A video of David Duchovny's appearance at the Australian Evolution premiere can now be downloaded from the Digital Duchovny website.

ThanX Lucy.

Added Wednesday, June 20, 2001
Hot 30
The Hot 30 website has their interview with David Duchovny available to listen to or download plus a photo of DD with Kyle and Jackie O.
ThanX Angie on ausxfnews.

Added Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Aus News Wrap
There was a photo of David Duchovny in The Daily Telegraph yesterday on a Sydney Harbour cruise. The Sydney Morning Herald had a story titled The Ex Factor, about The X-Files without Mulder and Scully. You can read it on my Australian Media page for June. There were a couple of inaccuracies in the story though. Today's Daily Telegraph has a bit about newsreader Anne Fulwood complaining that she was mentioned as an Evolution red carpet attendee when in fatc she didn't go.

The latest NW magazine has a full page of the Evolution premiere photos. Who Weekly has a photo of Julianne Moore at the US Evolution premiere.

There's a small story in the latest issue of DVD Now with a pic of Gillian Anderson where she claims she feels trapped on The X-Files and is doing another season against her wishes.

Lucy also told me that the Brisbane Sunday Mail had a House Of Mirth review that she transcribed and I will add shortly. This week's TV Week has a review of The X-Files Movie mentioned below and gives it 3 stars. There is a photo of Tea Leoni eating an ice cream in NW's Stars Without Makeup story this week. There is a brief article on Evolution and House Of Mirth in the July Cleo magazine that came out yesterday.

The X-Files Movie
The X-Files Movie will air on channel 7 (yes, 7 not 10) on Sunday night at 8:30pm.

Chat Transcript
The transcript from the Yahoo chat with David Duchovny last week is now available.
ThanX Clare on ausxfnews.

Added Sunday, June 17, 2001
Evolution Premiere
There are stories and photos of the Evolution premiere in both Sydney papers today, The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Telegraph.

Urban Cinefile
On the Urban Cinefile website there are reviews of House of Mirth and Vertical Limit (DVD/video release).

Photo Op
There are several new David Duchovny photos on the news.com website that you can purchase and even send as e-cards. Just type in david duchovny in the search box in top right hand corner.
ThanX Lucy.

Media Blitz
The Digital Duchovny website now has the transcripts up for David Duchovny's Fox FM, Triple J and Hot 30 interviews plus an Australian F2 video clip and audio clips of Australian Hot 30, Barry and Bridge on Fox FM and DD at the Australian Evolution premiere all available to download.
ThanX Lucy.

Galaxy Sale
For all those X-Philes in Sydney, Galaxy Bookshop is having its annual sale. They've got some XF things at good prices: books, audio tapes, novels and a couple of mugs.
ThanX Rowena on ausxfnews.

Added Saturday, June 16, 2001
DD Press Conference
The David Duchovny press conference will be broadcast on Smeg Radio, 2RRR 88.5 FM next Wednesday (June 20) between 6:30 and 8pm.
ThanX Vyper on ausxfnews.

Online Stories
There are other online David Duchovny stories at Sofcom and TV Week.

There is an online House Of Mirth review at the channel 7 AMV (All Music Video) website.
ThanX Lucy.

David Duchovny's appearance on the Triple M Breakfast Show yesterday with Andrew Denton and Mick Molloy has ben transcribed by Maricris and posted to The X-Files Vault.
ThanX Vyper.

Mel's X Factor
There's a story in today's Daily Telegraph titled The X Factor Lives On and it mentions a Sydney girl Melissa O'Dwyer, who just happens to have sent me an e-mail of her experience. I'll post it soon. There's a photo of David Duchovny and the koala Mel gave him!

Saturn Awards Results
The 27th annual Saturn Awards, which recognise achievement in Sci Fi & Horror films & TV, were handed during the week in Los Angeles. Gillian Anderson was nominated in the best TV actress category, Robert Patrick was nominated for best TV actor and The X-Files was nominated for best TV series.

Robert Patrick won the best TV actor award.

Gillian Anderson lost to Jessica Alba of Dark Angel.

The X-Files lost to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Full details at Yahoo.
ThanX wherever on xf news.

Postscript: Tea Leoni won best film actress for The Family Man.

Lucy's News Wrap-up
This from Lucy, some early last week and some today:
Evolution Reviews
For an overload of Evolution reviews check the Rotten Tomatoes website. The overall consensus is not favourable.
ThanX wherever.

Added Friday, June 15, 2001
News Update
There's been a lot of David Duchovny and House Of Mirth news over the past week but I've been occupied elsewhere so I hope you've been keeping up with it all. I've received hundreds (no exaggeration) of e-mails this week and am a bit overwhelmed by the informaiton overload :-) Some newsworthy items are listed below and there's a multitude of stories I still have to add to my Australian Media section.

Lucy has transcribed some of the articles mentioned above for me and I'll add them to my site asap.

ThanX to Lucy, Cath, Gem, Judy, Kim, Angie, Tash and Vyper.

Added Thursday, June 14, 2001
My News
Wow! I've never been so excited ... Tuesday June 12 was the best day of my life with the birth of our son who we've named William. He's named after my grandfather and my wife Kelly's grandfather.

William just so happens to be a grand X-Files name too! Fox William Mulder, both Mulder and Scully's father, Scully's brother and the actors David William Duchovny and William B Davis! Our little William will get plenty of enjoyment from The X-Files in years to come as I show him all my videos.

William was a big baby, weighing in at 4450g and 57cm in length!

XF News
Another quick update while I've got a spare hour before I go back to the hospital.
ThanX Steve and Donna.

Written Monday afternoon, June 11, 2001
Another Quick Update
ThanX to Lucy, Lyle, Matthew, Luke, Jo, Clare, Donna, Rachel, Scully and Vyper.

Added Friday, June 8, 2001
Site Update
No real X-Files news over the past few days. As for this site, I've just tidied up a few pages here and there. I still have a truckload of Australian stories that Lucy transcribed for me to add to the site. Just haven't got time at the moment unfortunately.

For those who are interested (see previous news) I'm still not a dad. My wife is actually due on Sunday, June 10. So, this could be the last update for a while. Make sure you check out the Sunday newspapers which should have David Duchovny news, hopefully. For those in Sydney who will get to see DD, have fun.


Added Wednesday, June 6, 2001
Quick Update
Haven't got much time ... so just a quick and messy update.

Added Tuesday, June 5, 2001
Mag News
Had a browse through the newsagent's yesterday and noticed that in this week's TV Week, there's a small story on The X-Files with a pic of David Duchovny. It's old news, mentioning that there will be a season 9, that DD won't be in it (maybe a few cameos?) and that The Lone Gunmen series has been axed. There's also a movie review of House Of Mirth (3 stars) and a video review of Vertical Limit (with Nicholas Lea ... it gets just 2 stars)

In NW there's a story on Hollywod diets, with a pic of Gillian Anderson next to her favoured Sugar Busters diet.

ThanX Lucy for also passing on that news, and for her transcript of the July TV Soap article on Gillian Anderson, mentioned last month. You can read it on a new House of Mirth page for Australian movie reviews and articles. I've also added a review from Greater Union and channel 9's Sunday program (see below.

As well as David Duchovny coming to Australia in less than two weeks, another X-Files actor, Brian Thompson (Alien Bounty Hunter) is already in Australia and will be appearing from June 8-11 at the Multiverse 4 science fiction convention in Melbourne, along with Anthony Daniels (Star Wars), Virginia Hey (Farscape/Mad Max) and others. For further details check the Multiverse website.

Added Sunday, June 3, 2001
David Update
Today's Sun-Herald has a story on all the celebrities coming to Australia, with a photo of David Duchovny. They say he's arriving on June 14.

House Of Mirth
Peter Thompson reviewed House Of Mirth on channel 9's Sunday programme this morning. You can read it online at ninemsn.
ThanX Vyper on ausxfnews.

David Duchovny Chat
You can read a transcript of this morning's David Duchovny chat at xfilesonline.
ThanX Vyper on ausxfnews.

Crew Activities
This from TV Guide, this story on Chris Carter:
X-Files creator Chris Carter is developing a project for the big screen - but this film won't feature Mulder and Scully. "We made a deal some time ago with Miramax-Dimension to write-produce and for me to direct a movie," he tells TV Guide Online. "It's in the vein of Elephant Man and Good Will Hunting - something akin to those two movies." So, it won't be sci-fi? "No, but it deals with the limits of science."
I assume he's referring to the Ted Serios movie that was mooted last year. However, there's no news of it at Internet Movie Database, although they list another movie called Riptide, co-written by Chris Carter and directed by Rob Bowman, with a US summer 2001 release date. However the details are pretty skimpy (no cast for example) so I have my doubts on that one.

Rob Bowman is also directing another upcoming movie called Reign of Fire and starring Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale.

Daniel Sackheim has directed a movie called The Glass House starring Diane Lane and Leelee Sobieski. According to Hoyts it was released in Australia on May 26, but again I have been able to find any details on the movie anywhere else.

Added Saturday, June 2, 2001
Site Update
I've added Empedocles to my Season 8 episode guide.

Added Friday, June 1, 2001
DD Chat
From Vyper on ausxfnews:
David Duchovny will be chatting on Saturday, June 2 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT (US times), on MSN. It is an Evolution chat, and and the movie's director Ivan Reitman will also be there.
If you've missed David Duchovny on The X-Files. Fear not. He's heading your way in the new summer comedy/thriller, Evolution. Also starring Julianne Moore and Orlando Jones, Evolution is directed by Ivan Reitman.

Hear the backstage stories from the set and be the first to know if those rumors were really true.
Vyper has also worked out the Aussie times:
Sunday June 3:
10.30am Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne
10.00am Adelaide
8.30am Perth

For a limited time only, 20th Century Fox has reduced the price on many of their DVD titles, including The X-Files Movie and Terminator 2 (Robert Patrick) which you can pick up for $24.95. For a full list of movies and ordering details check out the Ezy DVD site. Note: I have no affiliation with that website.
I later noticed that you can buy the Terminator 2 DVD for just $19.54 in Big W!

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