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MY "ART" (as in Carney, not as in actual art)

Here's what I've butchered, whoops, written so far:

Mulder's musings one lonely night
Room 312
Scully's musings on the same lonely night
Mulder's thinking again
Mulder and Scully with "scut" work
After Dinner Conversation
Mulder and Scully deal with his One Son behavior
La Tormenta
Post Agua Mala -- Sometimes the worst storms rage inside.
Office Politics
Scully does some feathering of her own nest.
Post BioGen story.
Melting the Day Away
A Scullyfic Challenge
A New and Glorious Morn
A Scully Christmas
The morning after "Closure".
Proust Questionnaire
Another Scullyfic Challenge
Pass Failure
The night after the IVF failed.
The Club Car Lounge
So, I'm late to the "all things" bandwagon -- there still should be some room (bg).
155 Words: Cruising from Kroner
OK, I'm also late to the 155 Words bandwagon as well. Anyway, the road from Kroner.
155 Words: Fox Vila
OK, two stories in two days -- obviously I need a nap. Yet another "Scullyfic" challenge -- Post "The Truth".
155 Words: Model AmTou184382B
Still another "Scullyfic"/"RetroX" challenge. "Shadows" story.
154 Words: Inter-Office
A "Scullyfic"/"RetroX" challenge. "Conduit" story.
155 Words Squared: The Stare
A "Scullyfic"/"Writer's Block" challenge. 155 words on the same event from two different points of view. From "Pusher".
155 Words: Our Current Situation
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"RetroX" challenge. 155 words that describes Krycek -- any time, any era.
155 Words: 10:57am
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"RetroX" challenge. 155 word crossover fic -- any other universe you want to play in.
Woven Deep
What happened between the time Scully saved Mulder in "Amor Fati" and the final touchstone scene.
A Haven challenge. 510 word "bitchfest": "Grotesque"
Out of the Mist Your Voice is Calling
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"The Writer's Block" challenge. 300 words of, gasp, horrors, songfic.
Whom and What They Like
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"The Writer's Block" Epigraph Challenge.
(July 2, 2003).
400 Words: Gazing
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"The Writer's Block" First Image Challenge.
(August 16, 2003, a Blackout 2003 special).
500 Words: Four Star Weekend
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"The Writer's Block" Beat the Heat Challenge
(October 5, 2003,).
Field of Study
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"The Writer's Block" Challenge
Bone supplied the opening phrase, 10 minutes to write the rest, no editing, no betaing.
(Sort of New - October 26, 2003,).
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"The Writer's Block" Challenge: Ten Minute Spill
Bone supplied a list of words and an idea (take a famous phrase and mess with it). 10 Minutes to write, no beta.
(New - December 17, 2003).
Cup of Kindness
A "Scullyfic"-"E-Muse"/"The Writer's Block" Secret Santa Story.
Happy Millennium Scully!
(Brand Spanking New - December 31, 2003).
TwentyNine Palms, A Work In Progress
I'm trying to do a chapter every month to five weeks - you do the math for the end date. The emphasis on that prior sentence should be on the word "trying".
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