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The Cheese Stands Alone?

by Peggy, for Holly

A cheese she is the cheese is his; Cracker and Cheese whore. She spreads around on the rebound; Confusing her cracker more. She should stick to one but it won't be as fun; Two fags are better I guess. To spread all about whenever she goes out; Makes quite a cheesy mess!


"If 2 people really love each other, but they just can't seem to get it together, when does it come to the point of 'enough's enough'?" -The Mexican

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow...

~Shakespeare  "Romeo & Juliet"

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March   7,   2005

WOW! OK, so I haven't written a thing in so damn long, about a thousand things have changed, I'm done school, working as a massage therapist and ahhhh. Doing Black Watch again and driving a Silver Convertible Bug! Sooooo cute...anyways... Yes!

Someday, you'll see You'll see the value of me You'll see the heart of me... I wear it on my sleeve

Someday I hope you long to see me so Someday I hope you long to be with me So So badly that you'll do anything just to hear my voice or see my face and hold me in your arms

Someday I hope I will be as valuable to you as you are to me Someday I hope you can find time to love me instead of break my heart every day...

Welcome to my page of me. These are my writings, my journey through my life...only these 21 years, yet it is so much and so important to my becoming me. Please....enjoy.

I decided to remove the explanations from the titles. I don't feel a writer should need to explain their work. You can just read them and take them for what they're worth to you. I hope you get SOMETHING from them and if not, just appreciate them and respect them as they are my thoughts and life. Well enjoy what's here!

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She: this was assigned to be a portrait poem...so I did it on my mom....it's cute.
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**I Lie Awake: I hate having emotions....
**Lost: again...I hate having emotions...sorting them out is even worse though...
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**Valedictorian Speech 2000: someday I'll find it and put it up... :-)
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Heavy: weigh me down...
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**Monkey Cheese: the title makes you wonder, huh....

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