The Heroes Of The Lance

Raistlin Majere *

Tasslehoff Burrfoot

Famous Wizards In Krynnish History

Par Salian


Legendary Villains




The noteworthy personality's of Krynn

This page is constantly under construction so check back frequently and I will have bios of more Hero's and Villains up!

* denotes unfinished bio.

The section will contain links to various famous people from all over Krynn. Just click on the link to go to a bio of whatever person you want to see, there'll be a pic along with some of the bio's too!!

Heroes From The Third Age And Before

Huma Dragonsbane

Other Famous People Of Krynn

Sir. Markham

The Second Generation Of Heroes

Heroes that came into power near the end of the 4th age after the War Of The Lances or 5th age Heroes.

Palin Majere

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