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Ashley    MacIsaac

Ashley MacIsaac,

A fiddler who is a true inspiration to all young upcoming fiddlers. World famous ASHLEY MACISAAC, Hails from Creignish, Cape Beton Nova Scotia, Ashley's birthdate is February 24, 1975. (He is currently 23 years-old). His Father's name is Angus, Mother Carmelita, Brother Henry, Sister Lisa (who is also a touring fiddle player). first cousins with accompaniest and fiddler Wendy MacIsaac, and third cousins with world re-known fiddler Natalie MacMaster!

He began step dancing early in his life (5 years-old), four years later he started his "to be" well-known career as a fiddler, he soon began touring cities in Canada and the U.S. In the last few years, he recorded three solo albums, His first album entitled "Close to the Floor" he recorded in his teenage years. His second entitled "Hi(tm) How are you today" named after an often said greeting in Cape Breton, earned him nominations for awards at the E.C.M.A.'s and the Juno Awards. This record was a true success earning him more fame and fortune, the type of music used for this recording envolved combining Dance, hip-hop, alternative and of course Celtic Fiddle music.

Moving on he recorded his third solo album in conclusion to his second, he called it "FineR thank you very Much" he played fiddle and piano accompanyment. He also featured Guest star John Allan Cameron on Guitar. He played all traditional tunes. He also made a remix of his "Close to the floor" album

Ashley has hit it big with MuchMusic as he put out three videos; "Devil in the Kitchen", which was his first big hit. Then he recorded "Sleepy Maggie", which is now a favourite to many fans. He then moved on recording his tune "Brenda Stubbert's" which is a reel composed by Jerry Holland, the tune is followed by a traditional Irish reel entitled The Clumsy Lover (in the same set). All three tunes can be found on his "Hi(tm) How are you Today" album. He has also appeared on a couple videos with Mary Jane Lamond.

Ashley has appeared on a new c.d. featuring other great canadian musicians, it is entitled "Fire in the Kitchen".

Now Ashley can be seen or heard of just about anywhere in the World!!!

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