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Kendra    MacGillivray

Kendra is an astonishing, young fiddler from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She was born there on October 11, 1972. Her parents are Tony and Janice (MacDonald) MacGillivray.

Kendra is also a member of a family with extreme Celtic music talent, Her brother Troy MacGillivray is 17. He is a well-rounded musician with the ability to Step-dance, play the fiddle and he is an accomplished piano accompaniest. Kendra's sister, Sabra is an excellent Highland dancer, Her mother-Janice is also a piano accompaniest who accompanied Kendra on her 1st C.D.

She has two solo recordings to her name, her 1st one is entitled; "Antigonish's Own-Kendra MacGillivray" which she has included Janice as a piano accompanyment, and Mark Alcorn on guitar and bass. Her second (and latest) recording is called "Clear the Track" compilation, which was recorded in November 1996. On this recording she included artists such as; her brother Troy on Piano and Fiddle. Also she had Dave MacIsaac, from Halifax N.S. on the recording, playing guitar accompanyment.

Kendra is an excellent teacher for the art of Scottish/Cape Breton fiddle music. She has taught for 4 summers at the Gaelic College in St. Ann's, Cape Breton. She teaches a group of students; Scottish/Cape Breton compositions, once a week. Kendra is a 1995 Graduate from St. F.X. University in Nova Scotia. She has travelled in other countries around the world such as; England, Germany, Iceland, Japan, the U.S., and other parts of Canada. She is very talented as a musician and she has performed on-stage with various other well-known performers. She is also a tremendous inspiration to many other youth fiddlers...

Way to go, Kendra!!!

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