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Richard Wood is the next fiddler to shock the World! He is a talented fiddler from Prince Edward Island, Canada. However, Richard's talent doesn't stop at his fiddling, He is an accomplished Step-Dancer as well as a piano chordist. He started is career in step-dancing at age eight, while continuing he started playing the fiddle at age eleven, and he won his first competition 1 year later winning the Don Messer Memorial trophy at the Oldtime fiddle competitions.

Richard has taught in previous years and he will be teaching in years to come at the Ceilidh Trail School of Celtic Music which is hosted by fiddler, Jerry Holland.

He has also composed a number of fiddle tunes, some of which he recorded. He also has three recordings the first one is entitled; "Cutting the Bow" which features Richard on the fiddle and the piano, his second recording was called "All Fired up!" Which featured him on the piano and fiddle as well. His third recording is one called "The Celtic Touch" which is the named after one of his own compositions also a tune on the album, it is a very beautiful Celtic Slow-air. His latest album was released in September of 1997. This one is entitled "Fire Dance" a great sounding recording, also containing a number of his own compositions. Performers on his albums include Dave MacIsaac, Skip Holmes and Kimberley Isenor-Holmes.

In the past Richard has performed on stage with many well-Known musicians such as; Ashley MacIsaac, Natalie MacMaster, Dwayne Coté, The Rankin Family, Rita MacNeil etc.

Richard Wood had two E.C.M.A. nominations in Moncton in 1997. And he won an award at the 1998 E.C.M.A.'s in Halifax for best roots/traditional instrumental artist of the year!

His achievements have included being fortunate enough to tour with country singing superstar: Shania Twain on the Letterman show! Congratulations!

Watch out! as Richard is about to take the world by storm!

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