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Brenda Stubbert,a well-known fiddler she is known to people all over North America and Europe. She is from Point Aconi, Cape Breton. Brenda is a magnificent fiddler, as well she plays piano, Step-dances, and none-the-less an excellent composer! She published a book called Brenda Stubbert's book of Fiddle tunes. It is volume II in Cranford Publications, It contains many of her own compositions as well as others'. Her tunes were recorded by numerous fiddlers such as Carl MacKenzie, Buddy MacMaster etc.

Brenda comes from a family of talent in Fiddle Music, her father Robert Stubbert and uncle Lauchie, are respected fiddlers from Cape Breton.

Brenda's inspiration came from fiddlers such as Donald Angus Beaton, Johnny Wilmot, Buddy MacMaster, Winston 'Scotty' Fitzgerald etc.

She has recorded three solo albums her latest and most successful is called "In Jig Time" which was released in 1995. Her second album is entitled "House Sessions" recorded in '92, and her first album goes by the name "Tameracker Down" which was recorded in 1987.

She is respected by many other fiddlers, and she is a true inspiration to other young fiddlers!

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