Stephen Klein
40 Maple Lake Road
Timberlea, Nova Scotia B3T 1J1

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Hi, My name is Stephen Klein. My birthdate is July 24 1981. I am 17 years-old. I live in Halifax N.S. Recently-Coldbrook N.S.. Hobbies of mine include the Cape Breton fiddle, Oil painting, Bagpipes, piano, spoons Downeast/Oldtime fiddle, Classical violin, Model Rocketry, Biking, Swimming, computers, reading, tinwhistle, piano, most other sports etc.

I have been playing the fiddle since I turned 13. I love what playing it, has to offer as regards to meeting other great people and talented musicians.

I am planning to record my first album with friends of mine in the fall of 1999, at Solar Audio in Halifax. Featured musicians on the album include: On fiddle; Evan Ferguson of Boutiliers Point N.S. Zack Warden of Whites Lake N.S. and myself. On piano; and Marianne Rissesco of Dartmouth N.S. Step-dancer; Aimée Richard of Cole Harbour N.S. Guitarist; Scott Day of Timberlea N.S. Drummer; Ryan Bruce of Halifax N.S. We are working hard and excited to get the recording underway!!!

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