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Hugh A. "Buddy" MacMaster, The "one and only" hails in Judique Cape Breton N.S. Buddy is one of the most respected fiddle players in the art of fiddle playing. He was given the title "Living Legend" as a fiddle player.

He has the ability to play great fiddle music you can dance to. Buddy has taught at the Gaelic college in St. Annes Cape Breton, in the summer over the past few years. He has also taught at gaelic schools in Scotland, and the U.S.A. He is an excellent teacher and is always a friend.

Buddy began to play the fiddle 61 years ago, at the age of twelve, He is very successful and has earned respect from very many other Celtic fiddlers. He is the uncle to world re-known Natalie MacMaster.

Over the past few years he recorded two solo albums. One entitled "Judique on the Floor" which is a great recording available all over the maritimes! Another great is called Glencoe Hall, another great recording! Buddy has released a video entitled "Buddy MacMaster-Master of the Cape Breton Fiddle"

Buddy is known all over the world, as he often performs in other countries. Buddy knows very many fiddle tunes, "Castle Hornpipe" is one of his favourites. Which was recorded by Ashley MacIsaac. He has received honours and awards over the years for his talent. One of them being an honourary doctorate from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish N.S. It is always an honour to play some fiddle with him, Buddy is a great musician and an Inspiration to many other fiddlers!

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