HQ Bty, 29th Field Artillery (WWII)

Awarded the Silver Star
July 24, 1944

Silver Star

His Citation Reads:


Subject: Unexpurgated Citation to Award of Silver Star

To: Captain John Ausland, 01167725, Field Artillery, 29th Field Artillery Battalion


"JOHN AUSLAND, 01167725, Captain (then First Lieutenant) Field Artillery, 29th Field Artillery Battalion, for gallantry in action in the vicinity of La Mardell, France, 24 July 1944. Captain AUSLAND was artillery liaison officer with the second of 2 Infantry Battalions attacking in column formation. An intense enemy artillery concentration registered on the leading unit, wounding its liaison officer and destroyed wire communications. The battalion in the rear was ordered to withdraw to an assembly area. Captain AUSLAND immediately left his element and advanced to the forward group. Although a large volume of hostile fire continued to fall throughout the area, he immediately reestablished wire communication between the forward observer and the fire direction center. As a result, effective counter fire was directed on the enemy's units. He then voluntarily reported to the battalion commander as liaison officer and, for several hours afterward, expertly directed and coordinated artillery fire upon hostile positions. His initiative and enterprise in this instance were material factors in the seizure of the battalion objective. Captain AUSLAND'S courage, enterprise and complete application to duty are in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service."

H. W. Blakeley,
Brigadier General, U. S. Army




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