B Bty, 6th Bn, 29th Field Artillery (RVN)

Awarded the Army Commendation Medal w/"V"
November 3-4, 1967


His Citation Reads:

Assigned as a member of a Forward Observer Party to Battery B, 6th Battalion, 29th Field Artillery and attached to Company A, 3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division. Sp4 Murphy accompanied his company in a two company action to the objective. Enroute to the objective the other company, Co B 3/12 Inf came in heavy contact with the enemy resulting in the loss of their Forward Observer Party due to wounds. Sp4 Murphy moved forward to Co B and directed the fires of three (3) batteries in an expert and competent manner. It was this action that eliminated the threat and minimized the number of friendly casualties.




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