The Fields of a Persona Sheet

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About this Document

This document is the document that will detail the fields in a persona sheet. Please read this over. It will help you create a persona for Deus Ex Machina.

What is a Field?

The field of a persona sheet is one "line" that you would fill out. For instance, on the P-sheet, there is "Name:". "Name" would be considered a field. Similarly, traits like Sex, Age, Height, Weight, Personality, History, and Gear Name are all fields as well. This document describes what sort of information should be written in a field.

The Persona Sheet Fields

The Persona Sheet appears below. Under each field, in the [ ], I wil insert my comments as to what should belong.

Deus Ex Machina: The Xenogears Tale

[People tend to remove the header when they create a P-sheet. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE HEADER.]


Player Information

Name or Alias: [Your name goes here. The first name you list will be the name that I refer to you as.]
Age (optional): [Your true age. As the field says, it's optional.]
Sex: [Also known as "gender". Please list male or female.]
E-mail address: [The E-mail address you prefer to receive DeM-related personal mail at. Note that this does not necessarily have to be the same as the List addresses.]
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager/etc. (if applicable): [Any online pagers that you may have.]

Character Information
-Name: [Your character's full name. Do not forget to put a last name if it applies.]
-Age: [Your character's age.]
-Sex: [Your character's gender.]

-Occupation(s): [Your character's primary occupation. This is a very important field, as it summarizes what your character is like on the Persona Page.]

-Substitutes which Xenogears Character? (if applicable): [Character substitution. It is important to check the Character Substitution List to see who's already taken.]

-Birthdate: [When your character was born. Look under Xenogears World for DeM Dating System.]
-Height: [Your character's height. Please define your units of measurement.]
-Weight: [Your character's weight. Please define your units of measurement.]
-Eyes (colour and shape): [The colour and shape of the character's eyes.]
-Build: [Your character's build. This defines how muscular, lean, or proportioned your character is.]
-Complexion: [Your character's facial complexion.]
-Facial Features: [Any defining facial features. This includes eye position, shape of the nose, lips, and ears, among other things.]
-Identifying Marks: [Birthmarks, scars, or other unique features of your character.]
-Hair (colour and style): [The colour and style of your character's hair. The colour and style may include multiple descriptions if your character dyes and styles his or her hair often.]
-Voice: [The sound of your character's voice. You may also want to include a description of your character's singing voice.]

-Dress/Attire: [Common dress of your character. Includes hat, boots, jackets, gloves, etc. You may have multiple descriptions for when your character is at home, at work, etc.]
-Jewelry (if any): [Jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches.]
-Weapons/Tools (if any): [Any weapons and tools your character carries or uses.]
-Armour (if any): [Defensive armour designed to protect against attacks.]

-Personality: [Your character's personality. Try to type more than one paragraph on this subject, as it is very important. I usually read this field carefully.]
-Background and History: [Your character's background. Write a lot on here! This is an extremely important field. Almost all P-sheets I send back deal with people not typing enough in the History section.]
-Birthplace: [Where your character was born. You may create your own town on Xenogears if you wish.]

-Mother: [Your character's mother. If he or she has a stepmother, please make a note.]
-Father: [Your character's father. If your character has a stepfather, please make a note.]
-Siblings: [Brothers and sisters of your character.]
-Mate: [Your character's mate, i.e. who he or she is married to, or boyfriend/girlfriend.]
-Children: [Any children, adopted or otherwise, of your character.]
-Other relations: [Any significant contacts that your character knows, and that may arise in the story.]

-Affiliation: [Who your character "belongs" to. If your character is a part of a pirate group, then your affiliation would be that pirate group. If your character does not belong to any groups, but lives in Bledavik, please write Bledavik. I use this information in the DeM Affiliations page.]

-Secondary Skills: [Any important skills your character may have.]
-Abilities/Disabilities (in addition to Ether): [General abilities and disabilities of your character, physical or mental. Include your description of Ether abilities here.]
-Hobbies: [Hobbies of your character.]

-Current residence: [Where your character lives. If your character wanders, add a side-note where you want your character to "start".]
-Current Life Conflicts: [What your character is dealing with in his or her life. This will give other players a general idea of where your story may be headed.]

-Deathblows (name and function):
[Arcana's note: I recommend leaving the Deathblows section blank when applying.]
[Your deathblows. When you apply, I recommend leaving them blank because if you make them too powerful, I will have to reject your P-sheet. When you make revisions to your sheet in the future, you should add to this section as necesary.]

-Other notes: [Notes about your character that do not fall into any of the above categories.]

-Gear name: [Your gear's name. Please remember that gears aren't easy to come by, and that not everyone has a gear.]
-Gear model: [The standard model number of your gear. Most gears are built from standardized chassis (like how F-15's have different missile hardpoints but are still F-15's.) If you know the type from the game, like the White Knight or the Trooper, great. If not, make one up and describe it, or leave it blank.]
-Height: [Your gear's height. Please refer to the Gear Conversion Table for realistic measurements.]
-Weight: [Your gear's weight. Please refer to the Gear Conversion Table for realistic measurements.]

-Gear description: [The description of your gear.]

-Class: [ This describes the class of gear (roughly) that your character might drive. A description of the various gear classes (that I made up independently of Xenogears) is given here.]
-Primary function: [What your gear does most of the time. Please try to avoid simply putting stuff like "fighting" and say what SORT of fighting your gear does.]

-Weapon(s): [The weapons of your gear.]
-Abilities/Disabilities: [The abilities and disabilities of your gear. Remember to keep in mind your gear's height and weight. A heavy gear is likely not going to be extremely agile.]

-How your character acquired the gear: [A short story of how your character acquired the gear. This may have been covered in the character's history. If so, add a note.]

Read about Gear Classes

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