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Main Characters That Have Not Yet Been Substituted

This is the substitutes page. The "main" characters from Xenogears, along with their parallel personas created for Deus Ex Machina, are listed here.

If the spot is still listed as "available", then you may still apply for the position. At this point, it is a first-come, first serve policy, as long as the sheet is acceptable.

Other Substitutes

These are the other Xenogears persona that have been directly substituted. If you want to play a similar persona, by all means you may try, but you cannot establish them as the roles you see them play in the game.
  • Mariko as Maria Balthazar (Azusa)

  • Robin, as Billy Lee Black (FocalPointX)

  • Jesse, as Jesse (FocalPointX)

  • Irina as Emeralda (Arcana)

  • Victoria (Amber), Shaina (Amber), Xelia (Elehaym), and Alysril (NPC), as the Elements (who were Dominia, Seraphita, Kelvina, and Tolone).

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