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The Nibbs Family
Adeline Foy

Auntie Addie was, no doubt, the quietest of the six girls.  She was also the shortest of the thirteen children.  As a mother, her son Bobo describers her as "working herself to any end to see to it that her children were well fed and clothed, and that they attended school."  She lived modestly, and was a dedicated housewife with a strong sense of compassion and commitment to the larger family.  Such was her feeling on this matter, that she took in countless distant cousins, as well as strangers and acquaintances of her children simply because they were either relatives, or somehow seemed in need of her help.

Names of Children: 
Joycie (d)


Date and Place of birth:  March 11th, 1911  Sea Cow's Bay, Tortola
Date and Place of death:  December 1st 1992
Name of Spouse:  William David Foy
Occupation:  Housewife
Education/Training:  Road Town Methodist School