Friday November 8, 2002:  Woke up early to enjoy the view our last day on Anguilla :-(  Joyce came by and we said our goodbyes to her.

We stopped at Highway Bakery for breakfast - I had carrot cake which was excellent, Mike had plain cake that was a bit dry but had good flavor.  Not bad for $2.

We had chartered Thomas to take us back out on Sandy Deep - just to the reef off Prickly Pear this time.  This is SO awesome!  This time Thomas just dropped us off up-current and we drifted down.  He drifted down parallel to us and picked us up at the end of the reef.  Mike saw a huge turtle but wasn't close enough to get a picture.

We spent 3 more hours with Thomas and once again I can't say enough good things about him.  I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone wanting to do any kind of boat activities while on Anguilla. 264-497-2100.

We stopped at the Old Cotton Gin for lunch but learned they didn't have their sandwiches available yet - too early in the season still.  So we had ice cream (life is short - eat dessert first!) which was delicious - I had both my scoops of chocolate chip and I don't remember what Mike had but he said they were both good.

We went back to the villa and had leftover pizza from Corner Bar Pizza for lunch.  It was just as good the second time around!

Kellie (from the COL Anguilla forum) called and we talked for a while.  Mike laughed when I hung up and said we sounded like we had been friends since childhood.  Isn't amazing how much you can really get to know someone over the internet?  Isn't technology grand!

We relaxed for a while then showered and changed to head back to Sandy Ground Village to try once more (our last night) to take the sunset cruise on the catamaran Chocolat.

We arrived and sure enough all Captain Rollins' work had paid off - Chocolat was ready to sail!

There were a total of 10 of us on the tour - 3 couples from Cove Castles and a very young couple who had just gotten married a couple of days before on Anguilla who were staying at Carimar Beach Club.  Captain Rollins made 3 trips in his dinghy to get us all on board.  Mike and I were in the first group on board and we just hung around on the trampoline while waiting for the others to board.

I was taking this picture when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see movement.  I look around and there is a turtle surfaced about 5 feet off the bow of the boat.  Before I could get my camera raised it was gone.  Captain Rollins told me that bay is full of turtles!  Who would have thought it with all the boat traffic!

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