Tuesday November 5, 2002:  We decided to sleep in this morning.  Got up about 8:30 and went to Tasty's for breakfast.

I had my usual - spicy veggie omelet and a side of crisp bacon.  Mike had bacon and scrambled eggs and one pancake.  The omelet was just as delicious as I remembered it from our trip in February.  Except this one should have been called a veggie and fungi omelet as it was loaded with mushrooms (I hate mushrooms).  But fortunately they were large enough pieces I could easily pick them out.  Chef Dale Carty came to our table to make sure everything was alright.  He is a very warm, charming, pleasant young man.  I can only imagine his face when my plate went back to the kitchen and he saw all those mushrooms piled on the side of my plate - sorry Dale!  A couple of Diet Cokes and our total bill was $25.

From there we went to Crocus Bay to talk to Calvin about taking us to Little Bay.  He said conditions were still not good.  We tried to go to Little Bay our whole trip in February and conditions were never good - and so far this trip we had not been able to go.  At this point I told Mike that Little Bay was a myth created to lure snorkelers to Anguilla!  So we went to talk to Thomas Peabody at Sandy Deep in Sandy Ground Village.  He has a brand new boat (built by Rebel Marine, Anguilla) and we had talked to him in February about snorkeling - he was the one that sent us to Sandy Hill Bay so we have a warm spot in our heart for him :-) 

Thomas said the seas were really too rough to be enjoyable.  So with written instructions in hand we set off once again to find Copper Hole.

We were of course driving slowly so at one point we pulled over to let another car pass.  A nice young man stopped and asked if he could help us find our way.  We thought this was very considerate!

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