Sunday November 3, 2002 (cont.):Once the vehicle arrived we decided to go stock up on a few more groceries.  We stopped first at Albert Lake's new grocery store but they were closed.  However, the manager was very nice and sold us a case of diet coke and she even carried it out to our car for us!  We then went to Ashley's and Fair Play and got a few munchies - some more croissants and snickers bars :-).

We took our groceries back to the villa and planned to hit Little Bay for some snorkeling.  We changed into our swimsuits and cover-ups and loaded our snorkel gear in the car and headed out.  At Crocus bay we had lunch at Roys.  We got to watch a little rain storm while we were waiting for our food.  I had the fish and chips and Mike had a ham and cheese sandwich and 2 diet cokes for $35.00.  This was the worst meal I had all week.  The fish was so mushy when I tried to cut it with a fork it literally turned to mush.  Mike's sandwich was good but had only 1 VERY thin slice of ham.  On top of that they were not very friendly and then shorted us $20 when they brought our change.  Roys has been taken off my restaurant list permanently.

From there we headed across the road to contact Calvin to see about a trip to Little Bay.  He said the sea was too stirred up and it would not be a good day to go.  So we decided to look for Copper Hole.  On our way we stopped and hiked down to Little Bay.  There is a path and you can hike all the way down to within about 5 feet of the water.  In the picture below it is the sloping rock on the far right of the picture.

When we started looking for Copper Hole, we only had where I had marked its location on my map - I did not have my written instructions.  As it turns out we got very very close - we turned left when we should have turned right but we never did find the right place.  But did we ever see some "unseen" Anguilla.  Unfortunately, there was so much trash thrown out along these "roads" - old refrigerators, boxes of trash, mattresses, etc. - that it made it really hard to enjoy the "scenery".

We went back to the villa and had a dip in the pool.

Mike then decided he needed a nap so he retired to catch up on some much needed rest.  I lounged around the villa, read some in my book, then took a late afternoon (I was racing sunset) walk along the beach at Sandy Hill Bay.  There is a path that leads from the villa down to the beach - the walk down is a piece of cake but the walk up was a bit steep for two old and out-of-shape people :-)


Another dip in the pool and then showered and changed for dinner.  Chris and Denise who own 18 Degrees North had left us a gift certificate to Hibernia so we decided to make that our first dinner.  I had a salad to start and Mike and I both had the Filet.  For dessert we both had homemade ice cream.  Total bill was just over $100.  Everything was delicious and Mary Pat was a gracious hostess and very enjoyable to talk to.

We went back to the villa and watched a little tv before falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.

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