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Wednesday November 6, 2002 (cont.):  Thomas has a new boat named Sandy Deep that he had built by Rebel Marine, Anguilla.  Really nice and as an added benefit the bimini top offers UV protection as well as shade!  He had the material shipped in special.

He took us first to Little Bay (it is NOT a myth!) and we watched from his boat as the jacks jumped out of the water as they were feeding on the fry.  He filled us in on the currents, where we should not go past, where the best snorkeling would be, etc.  Then we jumped in.  And of course our underwater camera was still packed safely in our snorkel bag so we got no pictures from here :-(

But it was really cool because we would swim into schools of thousands of fry and they would swim with us because we offered protection from the jacks - we were bigger than the jacks so they wouldn't come in to feed around us.  And I saw my first barracuda here!  It was about 2 feet long and swam with us for about 10 minutes!  But of course no camera :-(

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