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A few thoughts:

As you can probably tell from my pictures we love the coral coastlines.  Neither one of us are "lounge on the beach" people.  I love the beach except for all the dang sand :-)

This trip was totally different from our trip in February in several ways:

bulletThe people were friendly this time - in February we found them to be rather stand-offish.  In fact, in February we went to say hi to Johnno as we were leaving his restaurant and he barely turned his head to acknowledge us.  He said not a word to us.
bulletThis trip I got eaten up by sand flies (or sand fleas or no-see-ums or no-nos : whatever you prefer to call them).  In February I got not one bite.

I did not post any pictures of people on this site because I do not like to have my picture posted without my permission so I have extended that courtesy to the people of Anguilla who were kind enough to let me photograph them.

We called Barrel Stay restaurant (one of our favorites) every night and apparently they were not open yet.  We had postponed our trip from October till November specifically because they listed their re-opening date as November 1.  Oh well.

Mike is a saint.  I was sick when we left on vacation and was not well for the first several days of (ok, most of) our vacation.  I am not a good sick person.  I get a bit (ok, a lot) grumpy.  Mike was a real trooper and I just want everyone to know how wonderful he is!  And how much I love him!

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