Monday November 4, 2002:  Got up and had breakfast of croissants and miniature Snickers bars at the villa.  We met Joyce Hamm who is the housekeeper at 18 Degrees North and had a very nice conversation with her.  She has a son who is going to school in Alabama and she said he frequently visits friends in Columbia, Missouri.

After breakfast we hiked down to the beach with our snorkeling gear to do a bit of snorkeling at Sandy Hill Bay.  We saw lots of fish - even had to do some rapid backpedaling when we were face to face with jellyfish.

Went back to the villa and did a wee bit of sunbathing in the pool.

Changed and headed to E's Oven for lunch.  Mike and I both had the bar-b-q chicken - it was DELICIOUS!  The chef sent out conch chowder with his complements - it was also very good.  The homemade rolls are wonderful.  A couple of diet cokes and our total bill was $25.00

From there we decided to find Dropsey Bay.

The arch you are supposed to be able to snorkel through was full of sand and the bay itself looked very shallow so we didn't do any snorkeling here.

From there we wanted to find the natural stone bridge which was supposed to be like 60 yards west of Dropsey Bay.  We walked 500 yards or more each way and never saw a stone bridge.

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