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Historic or Heritage Daylilies

     At one time, I had several Daylilies from the 1930's, but...   Most of them Got Rust And Died.  I have one good grower left that is from the 1930's.


Shown is AZTEC GOLD (Dennett, 1936) on rebloom during 2012.  This is a very early blooming Daylily and it reblooms.  It can Rust, and I hope it does not do Got Rust And Died like the rest of my 1930's Daylilies.  I have grown it 14 years, and it gets a Rust Resistance Grade C for spots it would be more prone to Rust, but some plants I moved to another location so far would get a Rust Resistance Grade of B.  I hope that holds up. 


     Here is a look at a couple wet blooms of AZTEC GOLD (Dennett, 1936) taken June 6, 2009.  This was the third set of scapes.