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Historic or Heritage Daylilies


This page is for plants of the Genus Iris that I grow here. 


Iris virginica.  This species is native to wetlands in a large part of Florida.  It will grow under cultivation if in a protected location where it does not bake during dry times.  I have since put these in large tubs that hold water, and the plants are more vigorous. 


Here is another look at Iris virginica. 


Iris virginica ALBA.  A gorgeous spring bloomer. 


Iris albicans in bloom.  This is the only Bearded Iris I have had to last here.  This species is native to Saudi Arabia and Yemen.


Iris albicans with two open blooms.  This was on a warmer morning and the falls flared out more compared to the first picture of the species. 


Iris domestica.  Blackberry Iris.  This flower, long known has "Belemcanda chinensis" had been reclassified into the Genus Iris.  This is native to China.   Be careful where you grow this -- it might be invasive in perpetually moist areas.  It also can't be allowed to bake too much. 


Iris x norrisii.  This plant which arises from breeding between Iris domestica and Iris dichotma.  More commonly known as Candy Lily although it is an Iris. 


Siberian Iris CAESAR'S BROTHER.  This plant dates at least as far back as 1925.  This is the only Siberian Iris I have been able to grow here. 


Iris pseudacorus.  This is illegal in some states.  Even where it is not, don't grow where it could escape cultivation.  I am on a dry sand hill and this has to be grown in a mini bog here.  The jury is out on how well it will bloom.  The odd thing -- I got it at a 'native plant sale' when it was not blooming.  It is not native...  


Iris tectorum Alba.  This is one of four types of Iris tectorum I got last year.  Two of them bloomed, and all four show signs of promise.  All of them are about to be put in much larger pots.  


Iris tectorum Woolong.   Gorgeous.