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Historic or Heritage Daylilies

Into the Twenty-First Century

This page is devoted to gorgeous Daylilies that were registered after the year 2000. 


SCF ESTELLA (Nancy Chapman, 2009)   This showy little thing blooms a lot and can rebloom.  In the four years I have had it, I have been pleased.  Rust Resistance Grade is a good solid B at least.  


GRAVITY SCHMAVITY (Terri Jones, 2006)   This is a very heavy bloomer, reblooms and is TALL too.  I love it.  This is going into its second season here for me.  Its Rust Resistance Grade is an A+.


FIRST PRIME (Terri Jones, 2005).   Tall, reblooms, and blooms a lot.  Another nice one by a lady whose breeding program should be more well-known.   It is going into its second season.  Some of the older leaves got some Rust on them this season, but that may be because they were rubbing against a much more susceptible plant that has since been moved to another location.  FIRST PRIME shows signs of resistance, and gets a good solid B at least for a Rust Resistance Grade. 


LAUGHING FEATHER.   (Robert, 2003).   I have had it about 4 years, and it gets a Rust Resistance Grade of A.


BLACK ICE (Ned Roberts, 2000)  I waited three years for it to bloom, and wow it is pretty.  The downside is the plant gets Rust.  I hope I can keep this one growing and blooming.  I have had it 6 years.   Its Rust Resistance Grade in the shade is an F, but it may be going to get a C- in the sun.


THIN MAN (Trimmer, 2002).   Gorgeous flower, but will rust horribly in the shade.  Looks like it will be fine in the Sun.  Rust Resistance Grade D- in the shade, but in the sunny side, looks like it will be a good solid C, maybe a little better.