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Historic or Heritage Daylilies


Shown above is SWEET PATOOTIE (Warner, 1976).  This has been a great Daylily the 15 seasons I have had it.  This is a very early bloomer.  It can also rebloom.  It gets a Rust Resistance Grade of A+.


     This photo shows SWEET PATOOTIE looking more like an Iris than a Daylily.  This was the due to a cold [often freezing] nights and cloudy chilly days during that bloom season. 


GRAPE MAGIC ( Ater, 1976).  I found this interesting plant locally at Dinkins Store in Dunnellon.  Dinkins Store has since closed.  I have grown this plant for 13 seasons.  It's Rust Resistance Grade is B.  An interesting note on GRAPE MAGIC is it is one of the parents of SCF ESTELLA which is on the 21st Century page of this site.


BUTTERSCOTCH RUFFLES (Harling, 1978).  I had this Daylily twice before and it rotted, but that was when grown in sand.  It appears to be okay in Earthgro Potting Soil [Florida Mix] and I hope that continues, because not only is this little flower pretty, it blooms a lot.  This attempt at growing it has lasted two years and going strong.  The Rust Resistance Grade for it is A+.


GALADRIEL (Glidden, 1979)  Like BUTTERSCOTCH RUFFLES, I had tried this one twice before.  The first two times, it died "Death by Armadillo."  This attempt has resulted in me having it two years and it looks great and had to be divided.  This year, it set a blooming time record for me, lasting from March 10 till the first week of September.  It gets a Rust Resistance Grade of A+.


LADY NEVA (Alexander, 1970)   I love this gorgeous thing.  I had attempted to grow it once before, and...  That darned Armadillo.   This time, it is going into its fourth season here and had to be divided.  It gets a Rust Resistance Grade of a good solid A.