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Historic or Heritage Daylilies

Iris Family

These plants are in the Iris Family, but are not in the Genus Iris.   For 'true' Irises, check out the Irises page in the site menu. 


Walking Iris [Neomarica candida].   While it will survive in the ground in a very sheltered spot, it does much better potted in potting soil as show.  Since taking this photo, I have had to put it in a large tub.  The blooms are fragrant.  The plant forms babies on the stems after blooms similar to how a Spider Plant does. 


Martinique Tiger Eye Iris.  This one does not like being potted, and prefers the ground, but has to be in a very sheltered location.  It also forms babies on the stems, but are harder to root but it can be done. 


Martinique Tiger Eye Iris [Trimezia] with two stems each with three open blooms.  This can bloom at any time of the year unless frozen.  The plants will recover from a hard freeze, but prefer a sheltered spot.  Don't let get too dry.


Crocosmia.  This is an interesting plant and has quite a long bloom season.  It increases well and prefers potting soil over our sand.  Don't let get too dry. 


Blue Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium angustifolium.)  This is native here.  Early bloomer.  The name is misleading.  This really is in the Iris Family. 


Aristea ecklonii.   This is South Africa's version of Blue Eyed Grass.  It needs a sheltered spot so it does not get too hot or too cold.  


African Iris.  (Dietes grandiflora?).  Dietes for sure.  This is more of a winter/early spring bloomer and needs to be in a sheltered location due to cold hardiness issues.  


Dietes bicolor.    Another type of African Iris.  This one blooms in spring, and also needs to be sheltered from cold.