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Historic or Heritage Daylilies

The reason the photos have been removed is because they were outdated a minimum of four years.  I will be adding new photos and new text.  

    This site was past due time for an update.  There have been some major changes.  For one, I am now trying to grow the Daylilies in amended soil because the heat breaks down pots and the amount of potting soil for the number of plants is prohibitive. 
     Since I am trying to do some hybridizing, growing them directly in the ground should help with selecting for plant survival and vigor. 
     I am staying away from the very expensive toxic sprays that some use on their Daylilies.  I do not want to contribute to destroying the aquifer and destroying the ecosystem. 
     I want to be able to select and hybridize plants that have resistance to both rust and rot.  So many people around here have given up on Daylilies because of the rust.  I want to identify those that will grow here and perhaps release some that I have hybridized at some point.  I hope to see Daylilies make a comeback in this area of Florida. 

I am going to be implenting the following grading system for Daylily Rust Resistance: 
AA   The plant shows no sign of Rust.  Complete Resistance. *
A     Excellent garden apperance.  Very little Rust.
B    Good garden appearance.   Some Rust present.
C    Fair garden appearance.  Plant may be some disfigured.
D    Unsatisfactory garden appearance. 
F    Plant looks horrible due to Rust.**
*  At this time, it is assumed scientifically that no Daylily has total immunity to the Daylily Rust, so even if I see no Rust on the plant, the highest grade I will give is A+, Thuse the AA will not be used at least at this time. 
**  An F Grade plant in terms of Rust Resistance will not survive   here.  It ends up doing the "Got Rust And Died" [GRAD] thing.  Additional note.  Some plants may get a grade F on the shady side of the house, but get by fine on the sunny side.  Hint, grow those in the sun.
I will concentrate mostly on plants Grade B or better in terms of Rust Resistance.  This grading is to reflect how the plant grows for me at this location without the use of heavy duty rust treatments.  It is not meant to be a criticism of the hybridizer or the plant.  I hope this information is useful to those wishing to hybridize with the mentioned Daylilies and to anyone seeing what Daylilies will grow in the area around Dunnellon, Florida without the use of heavy duty rust sprays.  

Go to the Daylily Rust Page

     You can contact me using the address hemerocallis1962[at]gmail[dot]com    I have entered this way so that my address is no longer clickable or easy to cut and past in regards to spammers.   In order to save space, photos will be on the other parts of this website. 
     While my main focus is Daylilies, I am including other plants I can grow here as well as some other types of photos, all family friendly, that can be seen in the other pages of this site.

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