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What You Do Not Get

No game can do everything. The SNG project has set priorities and has stuck to them. With your support the SNG Project will attempt to provide more features in subsequent releases.

With your support we can continue to create the best Internet naval wargame ever. There are many things that we would like to accomplish and with your support we can carry on with new versions, which would include the following:

SNG is not a perfect game. It does note handle every situation. These are described in the SNG User Manual. This is because design trade-offs were made to emphasize the most important features. These shortcomings usually inhibit unrealistic play and make SNG more historical overall.

Some players may interpret a few individual results in SNG as unsatisfying. This a personal interpretation of historical realism. However, it is likely that many other SNG players find these results historically plausible. This situation is an argument not a failure by SNG to be plausible.

Version 2 Feature Candidates:
1.1. Mine Operations.
1.2. Sub Operations.
1.3. Air Operations.
1.4. Land Support Operations.
1.5. Intelligence Operations.
1.6. Refits.
1.7. Random super-acceleration (on and off) of hourly updates when little or no activity in a small scale strategic game lasting years while updated hourly.
1.8. North Sea, Russo-Japanese War and Baltic strategic scenarios.
1.9. Context Sensitive Help.
1.10. A Tutorial.
1.11. Sinking animation's.
1.12. Smoke screens, star shells, search lights.

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