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HSR Club Membership Policy

The current HSR pricing plan for SNG is based upon a form of 'club' membership. SNG is a free privilege for HSR Club members. Some of the benefits of this method are:

Our membership fee is set by these factors:

We hope you can appreciate all the benefits of this revolutionary pricing policy for SNG. There is only a one-time HSR Club membership application fee of $104. Plus, HSR will consider each individual financial hardship case.

Benefits of the HSR Club Plan:
As with any pioneering effort, it is impossible to foresee all the advantages that usually follow. Some of the benefits of this method are:

1. Savings for the Customer:
The total cost to the customer is significantly less than the traditional marketing methods.

2. The Initial Version is Much Better:
All currently available game features and scenarios are included in the initial version. Rather than the common practice of withholding features and scenarios for the typical 'module' follow-ups.

3. Members Become Development Supporters:
Committed members become strong supporters.

4. The Current System Has Failed:
Few (actually nearly none) naval game developers have survived the traditional marketing system.

5. An Investment in Future Versions:
HSR Club members will be investing in future enhancements. After the years it takes to create the initial version, the SNG developers are now broke. They need the financial support of naval enthusiasts to complete the next set of new features. That is where the HSR Club membership money will be spent.

6. Improve the Historical Game Industry:
The voices of the HSR Club members in supporting the success of this 'club' membership system will send a strong message to game publishers and potential game developers that there is a future for historical games. This success will also help the developers hire the programmers and artists needed to make these games even better.

Membership Requirements:
In order to remain a member in good standing of the HSR Club, each member must abide by the principles of the club:

Membership Privileges:

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