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My students have trouble with long sentences. By the time I get to the end of the sentence, they have forgotten the first words. Help!

A answer:
Backward buildup
is a great way to tackle those long sentences. Just remember to speak in a natural rhythm and at a normal speed. They need to listen to the rhythm and intonation as well as the words.

The students need a lot of repetition. Usually the teachers are the only ones tired of it! Give plenty of praise and encouragement when the entire sentence is finally repeated.

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  1. Ask them to listen carefully as you model the whole sentence for them several times.
  2. Model the last word in the sentence, being careful to use the same rhythm and intonation.
  3. Ask the student to repeat.
  4. Now model the second-to-the-last word along with the last word.
  5. Ask the student to repeat.
  6. Continue adding a word at a time, with the student repeating both the wordand the sentence part each time.
  7. Continue until the entire sentence is repeated.


    Red CheckMany students find it easier because they are focussed on the last part of the word/sentence.
    Red CheckYou are more likely to keep your intonations constant. If you don't keep them constant, you will confuse your student.

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