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A Trip to the Library

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  • To help the student become familiar with the library in their town
  • To use conversation about the library
  • To get your student into the library
  • To review directions around the town
Include all three phases or just one:
  • Floor plan and directions to the library
  • Short conversations about the library
  • Practice using verbs about the library
All three phases are used in the following instructions.
Materials Needed:
  • Map of your downtown area
  • Rough sketch of floorplan of library (sample provided)
  • Overhead projector, 4 transparencies, 1 transparency pen or large sheets of paper
  • Library Card Application
  • Information sheet on library programs for children
  • Verb Sheet (sample provided)
  • Simple conversations about the library (samples provided)

Map of your downtown area (notebook size, one per student)
blue   Free maps may be available at the Police Department or Chamber of Commerce. Or...
blue   Buy a map and trace the main streets in the area. Label the location of the library

Rough sketch floorplan of library.   Sample sketch
    Be sure to include:

blue   Checkout counter
blue   Children's section
     (This can be a hook to get your students into the library)
blue   Video section, if you have one

Library Card Application, one per student
blue   Enlarged version of application.
     Make an overhead transparency or draw on large sheet of paper
blue   Some libraries have copies in other languages, if so, get one per student in addition
     to the English version, but don't hand out until the exercise is completed!

Information sheet on library activities for children, one per student

Verb Sheet, several per student Sample Verb Sheet

Simple conversations about the library Sample Conversations

In the Classroom - Directions

Pass out the maps of the city to the students. This is a good time to review some of the places visited from the Directions Lesson. Locate the library on the map.

Ask the name of the street where the library is located. Ask if any of them have been to the library? Do any of them have library cards?

Paulina and Joanne
Model Conversation #1 several times. After working with the whole class as a group, use it as a chain drill, each student asking another.

Use the verb "To Go" with the verb sheet. Pass out a sheet to each student and have them copy as you write on the overhead transparency/board/paper. Do the present tense first, showing that the only change is in the 3rd person singular. Then add "will" to the future tense. Review:

  • I go to the library.
  • Tomorrow I will go to the library.
  • Yesterday I went to the library.

Use the verb "To Look For"

Show the prepared map of the library. Go over the main sections of your library, showing the checkout counter, video section if you have one, and the children's section.

Show them the information paper of programs for children. Explain the storytime. (If you have beginning students, you might pantomime this one.) Point out the date and time of the story hours.

Conversation #2

Use the verbs "To See" and "To Read"

Library Card Application
Put up the enlarged version (an overhead transparency or large piece of paper). Hand out an application to each student. Demonstrate how to fill in the first line, by placing your name there. Then erase it and have a student come up and put their name on the large sample. Continue, having each student come up until the form is completed.

Show samples of items they can use for identification if they don't have a driver's license:

  • A printed check
  • A utility bill
  • A piece of first-class mail postmarked within 30 days
After filling out the application in class, give the application to them in their own language, if available. If not, see if you can arrange a translator to be there to explain the responsibilities of checking out and caring for books as explained on the application.

Encourage the students to visit the library this coming week. Tell them that next week, there will be a special little gift for each one that visited the library. (I'm not above bribing my class to get results! I went down to the local Bible Bookstore and bought some bookmarkers and pins to give them.)

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