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Hiding Email

  • Intro
    • For obvious reason u can't use yr default email account (POPd) given to u
    • by yr ISP for anonymous email becos it may backtraced to u.
    • U can use other methods to send email via yr ISP but any broken paths
    • in the middle will reveal yr identity.
    • Every mail u send contain what is called an email header.
    • This info reveal paths taken by the pop email servers to reach the destination.
    • The nightmare part is that it will contain yr IP, time online N yr pop email server.
  • Hiding via PseudoMail (web based email)
    • Pseduo Mail are free email accounts such as yahoo and hotmail
    • Before using them u MUST USE AN ANONYMOUS  PROXY FIRST
    • Like yr pop email, this free mail servers logs N show yr
    • IP N time as well in the email header.
    • List of Free Pseudo Mail Servers
  • Hiding via Free Pop Mail
    • Free Pop Mail are pop email like those given by yr ISP
    • U can't hide completely, but it is good to keep those messages in a foreign server rather than lying bare in yr ISP server for those big brothers in yr country to fish - esp those politics related mailing list.
    • In addition u can give a 'pop resident' impression to others
    • Some people hate web based email becos they are slow and quite difficult/slow to archive and download yr massive email, esp those coming from yr mailing list. However some like provider such as yahoo allows u retrieve yr mail via pop mail client software.
    • Secure N Anonymous (I personally recommend this one)
      Their headers contain 'Identities changed to protect the innocent'.
    • for a list of free pop mail N some reviews

    • U can combine free pop mail with email alias described below to create more 'confusion' - esp to the lamers!
    • Trick:- Subscribe to the list using an alias, and point the alias to the free pop mail. Now u can change yr pop email server in yr email client program such as pegasus/eudora for windows to point to the new N free pop mail server.

  • Hiding Email via Email Alias
    • What is an email Alias?
    • An Email Alias is an email account which don't store all yr email stuff
    • N contents, but they simply forward such email to yr other  mail accounts
    • The benefits of an email alias is to hide yr original/pseudo mail account,
    • so that unwanted people cannot hack the actual destination email.
    • Popular email alias servers are:
    • (lots of name to choose from)
    • (can send/filter email plus redirect  to mutiple emails)
    • Some email alias servers allow u to send email from them as well.
    • (to hide IP in email header - pls sign in as Anonymous)

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    Remailer Stuff

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Fake Email Stuff

      There are lots of programs on the net that say they can send fake e-mail. 
      I'm not trying to say those don't work, it's just that they don't work 100% 
      (actually, neither does our method, but our way is 100% better than using a
       program :-).
      I'm going to briefly describe how to send an improved fake e-mail and 
      discuss the problems with most fake e-mail programs. I would like to 
      explain how e-mail works, but that would take to long. The problem with 
      fake e-mail programs is that their first issued command is 'helo' which 
      logs you into the server.
      You may say, "but I've used one and it works fine". It may appear to be 
      from your faked server, but if they look at the header information, 
      it will show some error such as "apparently from".
      This is a dead giveaway that the mail is fake.  Anyway, if you leave out 
      the 'helo' command, you improve your chances for success.
      Here is the process of faking mail through Telnet:
      Step #1: Find a STMP (Simple Transfer Mail Protocol) server.
               To find a STMP server, use telnet to log into as many different 
               servers as you can think of - 
               Use portscanner N search  for "open N free" port 25 
               (the stmp port).
      	   Most servers use ESTMP which is not good for faking mail.  
               Once you've found a server  that has STMP in the greeting
               (when you connect), then your on your way.  
               One thing to keep in mind is that the backspace key DOES NOT 
               WORK in windows telnet!
               If anytime during the telnet session you use backspace, you must
               disconnect and start over, or else the person getting the mail will
               get weird characters throughout the fake e-mail.
      	   (and that really sucks)
               Type  telnet free.smtp.server 25
               where free.smtp.server is the "open N free" server
      Step #2: Start the e-mail. The first issued command should be
               mail from:
      	   If the server says something like 
               "you must use 'helo'" then, 
               move onto another server,  otherwise you should get 
               "+OK sender ok" or something like that.
      Step #3: Second command should be:
               rcpt to:
               This is your victim's e-mail address. 
               Once again, you should get back "+OK" something.
      Step #4: Making it believable, type:
               It should respond with +OK and then 
               something about '.' being the last command.
      Step #5: To actually send the message, type:
               Subject: Greetings, Bill Clinton wishes to have a word with you.
               To: Charles Manson (
               From: Bill Clinton (
      	 Charles Manson is where you would put the victim's real name, 
             if you don't know it, just 
             put their e-mail address there, 
             doesn't really matter WHAT goes there.
      	 There is only one return after each of these commands, but after the
             From: command, you MUST  press return twice.  
             If you don't, then the text won't send.  Don't forget, backspace may look
      	 like it's working, but in reality, the e-mail will turn out shitty.
      	 Now you can type the actual message:
      	     Hi Charles, this is Bill Clinton and I just wanted to say thank
                 you for breaking into, my personal body guards are
                 on their way to your home as  your reading this. Please have a 
                 nice day.
      	     Or whatever message you want to go there.  Then:
      	 The period followed by a return means you are through with the data, 
             and ready to send. After the period, it should do it's cool "+OK" thing 
             ie again. 
             After the +OK, then you type:
      	 On a line by itself (betcha can't figure out what THAT does!)
             if you don't know what quit does, 
             then it just sends the message and disconnects you.
             Without quit, your mail won't send.
             Try sending the 'example' mail to yourself, so you can see if it works.
             also, if you connect to a server that FORCES you to say 'helo',
             try helo localhost. or try 'helo xxxxxxx'(where xxxxxx is greater than 1024 x's)
      The above tips are extracted from THP
      and from the Linux Network book.
      Hint: use wingate 1st!
      telnet 23
      wingate> 25
      wingate>all the steps #2 -> #5 above with the correct guessed passwd

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Pop Email Stuff

      If you are at someone else's computer and want to check your mail,
      but you don't want to make a new mail-box in their e-mail program, 
      there is a quick way to get it through telnet.  This is also useful 
      if you have been mail-bombed, for you can delete the messages before 
      downloading them.
      Step #1: Connect to your Pop3 mail server through port 110
      	   (in the RUN box,
               type "telnet 110")
      Step #2: Type 'user foo_emailname'
               where foo_emailname
               is your e-mail username (eg
         	   It should come back with,
               "+OK password required for user foo_emailname" or
               someshit like that.
      Step #3: Type 'pass password'
               where password is your e-mail password.
               It should tell you how many messages are waiting in your mailbox,
               or congrats, or something like that.
      Step #4: Type 'list'
               to get a list of all the messages,
               they each will have a number beside them.
      Step #5: Type 'retr #'
               where # is the number next to the message you want to read.
               This will  allow you to read it, but it stays on the server.
      Step #6: Type 'dele #' (optional)
      	   will remove any messages you don't want
               where # is the number you want to delete.
      Step #7: Type 'quit'
               IMPORTANT:::: you must type 'quit' before closing telnet or
               you may hang your mailbox.
               It is horrible to have that happen.
      X-tra info:
      	   after the 'retr' command, 
               the mail gets marked with a -R or something.
      	   whenever you go to get your email at your house, 
               you will notice that it has already been read to keep it
               from looking like it's already been read,
         	   type 'rset'
               before you quit to reset it back to the original way it was.
               this is useful for checking other people's email :)
               (which i am not condoneing :-)
      The above tips are extracted from THP
      and from the Linux Network book.
     Hint: use wingate 1st!
     telnet 23
     wingate> 110
     wingate>all the steps #2 -> #7 above with the correct guessed passwd

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