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Preface Stuff

  • To understand hiding u must think internet as an art of communicating 2 points in "space".
  • U are the client N they are the servers or both or whatever....
    depending on how many doors u have in yr PC
  • U could be serving something else to others as well. We talk to each other via our socks program in our machine.

  • Simple concept: The handshake is perform via selected doors called ports in yr PC N at the server.
  • Search for the door inside yr PC N inside yr target then u will know this internet stuff will obey yr commands if u know how to open those doors :)
    with a correct key combinations. Some one might have the key - make sure u are the one...
  • U could be the pretended host w/o yr consent due to yr ignorance of useless default O/S installation. (Hint: Scan yr own house for intruder holes)

  • This internet world is an art of chasing the right port for the right destination. U can use underground tunnel if u can find one.... (hint: scan them)
  • Finding a dark N hidden door/port would make yr movement/entry go unnoticed by those big brother with strong binoculars N night vision capability....
  • In the communication process, we send each other some "tokens", signalling "I want this" N the server will tell u "here u are" N then u may tell the server again "Gotcha!".
  • In hiding we instruct the middlemen/waiters to get the drinks for us. The best waiters are those who don't tell the chef who u actually are.


    Why hide? Hiding does not mean u are coward. For this reason stealth planes are designed. Sometimes battles were won w/o knowing who the actual heroes were! Today the digital world is another battle ground, yr contents are the weapons, and yr launching position could be anywhere.

    U must hide becos most sites record and/or display yr IP to other people who might later harm u or cause u to end up in jail just because u are different.

    Yr IP can pin point yr location, N combine this with the time log it can reveal yr true identity N disclose yr privacy,

    What is IP

    IP is some kind of yr identity card no - or yr phone no in real world. Without it u can't communicate in N out in this web, unless, off course, u are on yr own, ie IP= (u are talking to yr own self)

    The web is composed of servers and clients. Each server is driven by programs (daemons in unix term) written by somebody or some group of people. The servers could be serving many things (content) from one location such as http, ftp, irc etc.

    U can imagine the servers as chefs in the kitchen. Drinks server will serve u drinks - and food servers will serve u food - u are the visitor/client - think something like that.

    Fortunately there are tricks to hide yr IP N show another IP to the site u visit (ask the waiter to get the drink for u) The method varies - depending on which program N which server and which program u are using. I shall concentrate on Windows only since a lot of u out there are using them...

    Technical IP details

    Details about IP are available almost complete at these FAQ

    Or browse the RFC

    Original IP

    Before u start hiding u must know yr original IP. There are a few ways in Windows 95/98 or unix:

    • Go to Start/Run and type the command winipcfg That will bring up a network screen with your IP address and other values.
    • Go to Start-Program-MSDOS Prompt then type netstat -r
    • With java settings enabled in yr browser select Java test IP
    • With Unix based system try ifconfig -a

    U can't destory yr original IP - but u can make it unreal (packet manipulation using C) or hide it (bouncing via other servers)

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