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FTP Stuff 
  • U can hide in FTP using FTP proxy from yr Browser
  • Most HTTP proxy supports FTP browsing/uploading as well from yr Browser client
  • However sometime u have to run an FTP client s/ware instead eg WSFTP, CuteFTP etc
  • Thus hiding depends on remote FTP servers capability
  • Hiding Via yr Browser
    • 1st U must have set the FTP proxy server inside yr Browser:
    • Then type
    • eg  will connect u to hp ftp site
    • Sometime u can select File Publish using Frontpage or Netscape composer if u are a webmaster
    • Sometime u can publish using remote server CGI uploader such as File/Site Manager, StormLoader etc but some of these guys are  combined with JAVA.
  • Hiding via Wingate
    • U need to get a wingate server N wingate port no 1st (usually port 23/21)
    • Next u must change yr FTP client to use wingate.
    • For Cute FTP it looks something like this
      • 1. From the Cute FTP menu bar, under the 'FTP' menu, choose 'Settings' then 'Options' to bring up the  'Options' dialog box. 
      • 2. Select the 'Firewall' tab. In the 'Host' field enter 'wingate'. 
      • 3. In the 'Port' field enter 21/23. 
      • 4. In the 'Type' area enable the 'USER user@site' option. 
      • 5. Enable the 'Enable firewall access' option. 
      • 6. The rest of the Cute FTP settings do not relate to WinGate. 
      • 7. When connecting to a site, make sure the 'Use firewall' option is enabled in the site details.
    • WS_FTP Setup: 
      •  1. If the Session Properties dialog box is not presented when WS_FTP starts, click the Connect button.
      •  2. Click the Advanced tab.
      •  3. In the Remote Port field enter the port number that the FTP Proxy in WinGate is configured to accept connections on (usually 21).
      • 4. Click the Firewall tab
      • 5. Check the "Use firewall" box.
      •  7. In the Host Name field enter the IP address of your WinGate machine
      • 8. In the Port field enter the port number that the FTP Proxy in WinGate is configured to accept connections on (usually 23/21).
      • 9. In the Firewall Type section choose "User with no logon"
      • 10. Click OK

    • If u know FTP commands RFC959 u should telnet to a wingate 1st
      • telnet
      • wingate> 21
      • user anonymous
      • pass
      • help
      • any ftp commands 
      • (ls, cdup, cwd, dele,  type ascii/binary, retr, stor, rnto, rnfr, mkd etc)
      • quit
    • U can use two wingates or more
      • telnet
      • wingate> 23
      • wingate> 21 etc
    • Finally if u are lucky  u can get some free firewall around N use them instead of wingate servers by scanning ports


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Free Anon Mail
Tips for privacy/hiding while surfing. Free list of anonymous public proxy server for yr anonimity N privacy protection. Try to access them or combine them (using perl/c/proxypac file etc) to make yr own surfing anonymous.