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Trojan Stuff
  • Trojans can be considered as a backdoor to yr system, ie "illegal" spying inside yr PC.
  • Trojans are programs acting as  servers  that responds to their clients via selected ports
  • Be very cautious when downloading pgms becos some of thse trojans are mebeeded inside even a hacking programs. Always download anything from the primary source.
    When downloading a trojan tool - pls remember that u are actually downloading 2 parts of a pgm - the server part N the client part. Most people endup activating the server part when playing such tools! (The server part should remain INACTIVE unless u want to let others to peek inside yr clothes?)
    Always backup yr windows registry file. U can use the scanreg command in Win98 (via Startmenu - Run) or manually copying the SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT in the WINDOWS directory.
    Suppose yr windows is in C:\WINDOWS
    Goto DOS Prompt. Type
    cd \windows
    attrib *.da? -s -h -r
    xcopy *.da? \windows\regbkp (where regbkp is a directory to store yr files)

    Besides, make sure u copy the WSOCK*.* files in yr SYSTEM directory to a safe place.
    Some worms/trojans modify these WSOCK file to annoy u later.

    cd \windows\system
    xcopy WSOCK*.* C:\windows\regbkp

    Lastly make sure u have the latest WINSOCK files. These files are available at the microsoft site. They are distributed under the DUN (dial up networking) package. Perform backup after updating yr winsock.

  • Solution: U can download/study trojan/cleaners from 
    • The Trojan Info Page Site give full details which I recommend u reading them or 
    • Get  The Cleaner 
    • Download Norton freeNAV
    • or u can traceback with 
    • Nuke Nabber (after adding the trojan ports in Advanced section)
    • finally always check with windows regedit (Start - Run - regedit) any unknown pgm inside this reg key

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices 
    • or
    • inspect with Windows DOS PROMPT command (make sure no Port Listener (such as NukeNabber/Genius) is running while checking) 
    • netstat -an|more 
    • (Back Orifice possibly replies with: 


                      UDP *:* 

                      NetBus possibly replies with: 

                      TCP *:*
                      TCP *:* )

    • Use Nuke Nabber (N add these trojan ports in by
      Clicking File/Options/Advanced/
      -move down if its not there then-
      Add Modify Port/fill in )

         port     21 - Blade Runner, Doly Trojan, Fore, Invisible FTP, WebEx, WinCrash
         port     23 - Tiny Telnet Server
         port     25 - Antigen, Email Password Sender, Haebu Coceda, Shtrilitz Stealth,
                       Terminator, WinPC, WinSpy
         port     31 - Hackers Paradise
         port     80 - Executor
         port    456 - Hackers Paradise
         port    555 - Ini-Killer, Phase Zero, Stealth Spy
         port    666 - Satanz Backdoor
         port   1001 - Silencer, WebEx
         port   1011 - Doly Trojan
         port   1170 - Psyber Stream Server, Voice
         port   1234 - Ultors Trojan
         port   1245 - VooDoo Doll
         port   1492 - FTP99CMP
         port   1600 - Shivka-Burka
         port   1807 - SpySender
         port   1981 - Shockrave
         port   1999 - BackDoor
         port   2001 - Trojan Cow
         port   2023 - Ripper
         port   2115 - Bugs
         port   2140 - Deep Throat, The Invasor
         port   2801 - Phineas Phucker
         port   3024 - WinCrash
         port   3129 - Masters Paradise
         port   3150 - Deep Throat, The Invasor
         port   3700 - Portal of Doom
         port   4092 - WinCrash
         port   4590 - ICQTrojan
         port   5000 - Sockets de Troie
         port   5001 - Sockets de Troie
         port   5321 - Firehotcker
         port   5400 - Blade Runner
         port   5401 - Blade Runner
         port   5402 - Blade Runner
         port   5569 - Robo-Hack
         port   5742 - WinCrash
         port   6670 - DeepThroat
         port   6771 - DeepThroat
         port   6969 - GateCrasher, Priority
         port   7000 - Remote Grab
         port   7300 - NetMonitor
         port   7301 - NetMonitor
         port   7306 - NetMonitor
         port   7307 - NetMonitor
         port   7308 - NetMonitor
         port   7789 - ICKiller
         port   9872 - Portal of Doom
         port   9873 - Portal of Doom
         port   9874 - Portal of Doom
         port   9875 - Portal of Doom
         port   9989 - iNi-Killer
         port  10067 - Portal of Doom
         port  10167 - Portal of Doom
         port  11000 - Senna Spy
         port  11223 - Progenic trojan
         port  12223 - Hack´99 KeyLogger
         port  12345 - GabanBus, NetBus
         port  12346 - GabanBus, NetBus
         port  12361 - Whack-a-mole
         port  12362 - Whack-a-mole
         port  16969 - Priority
         port  20001 - Millennium
         port  20034 - NetBus 2 Pro
         port  21544 - GirlFriend
         port  22222 - Prosiak
         port  23456 - Evil FTP, Ugly FTP
         port  26274 - Delta
         port  31337 - Back Orifice
         port  31338 - Back Orifice, DeepBO
         port  31339 - NetSpy DK
         port  31666 - BOWhack
         port  33333 - Prosiak
         port  34324 - BigGluck, TN
         port  40412 - The Spy
         port  40421 - Masters Paradise
         port  40422 - Masters Paradise
         port  40423 - Masters Paradise
         port  40426 - Masters Paradise
         port  47262 - Delta
         port  50505 - Sockets de Troie
         port  50766 - Fore
         port  53001 - Remote Windows Shutdown
         port  61466 - Telecommando
         port  65000 - Devil

Trojan Dangerous Stuff
  • Now u know - hackers or big brother agents probe your computer ports
    and try to identify what sort of system u are using and is there any
    unprotected doors left open.

    Using such holes they can spy on u plus do notorious stuff such as:-
    • yr surfing sessions in your browser cache
    • yr passwords file in netscape user preference file
    • install customised password protected trojans at unknown ports
    • install a probe to their ICQ no whenever they are online
    • look for password files in FTP programs in yr PC
    • retrieve all yr passwords in Dialup Networking, *.PWL
    • or those password to your internet WWW servers and routers!
    • and finally
    • renders yr Windows useless by
      attrib -s -h -r *.da?
      del *.da?
      in c:\windows

Other Anti Trojan Tools Stuff
  • The idea is to protect, block, and log any attempt to probe unknown ports into yr system.
    This is what people called a Port Listener/PC firewall
    Choose any suitable program below but make sure they do not slow down yr PC.
    Some of these tools are copy protected but u can search
    the crack using batman's collections. (I can't link from here - dangerous!)


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