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UseNet Stuff
  • Once u have known how to use a proxy u can post to useNet 
  • via HTTP or by using Remailer Capability
  • I will be describing the HTTP way to connect to Usenet becos it is the easiest.
  • There are a few UseNet capable  HTTP  based servers available.
  • U can use DejaNews
  • If u have a dragon.con email, u may post from dragon as well.
  • I am not a active user of usenet becos there are too many insignificant postings around.
  • What u should know is that some of these postings are not shredded N destroyed from the worldwide hosts eventhough they have been removed from viewing. Big brother could be looking at all those logs N postings if neccessary to know more about u.... so pls  be careful. The same applies to email (eg email logs in the Microsoft anti trust trial)


Your computer is actually spying on you!!. Use the Evidence Eliminator
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free anon mail
Tips for privacy/hiding while surfing. Free list of anonymous public proxy server for yr anonimity N privacy protection. Try to access them or combine them (using perl/c/proxypac file etc) to make yr own surfing anonymous.