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IRC Stuff Tip

  • Frankly speaking I don't use IRC regularly! 
  • The following tips were copied from somewhere else but put here as EXAMPLE.
  • Make sure u have read N found one or two  wingates first

  • Hiding via DCC
    • In IRC, it is possible to put yourself into mode x by typing
      '/mode yournick +x' (do not include the quotes and replace yournick with your own nick.
      For example: /mode iRcB0y +x).
    • This tells the IRC server to hide your IP, so when others try to /whois you or /dns you, they won't be able to get your IP (they will get a partial IP instead). This will only work on some servers, but when you're on IRC, it is recommended to use this option.
    • Also, there is a way to bypass this. By simply creating a DCC connection with someone else (either a DCC chat or a DCC file transfer), you could then type 'netstat' (without the quotes) on either Unix or Windows/DOS and see what connections your computer is currently handling. One of them will be the DCC connection to that other guy.
    • Why is that? Because DCC stands for Direct Client Communication, which means that DCC actions are not done through the server, but directly (think - why would the owners of the IRC server want people to transfer files through their servers and initiate private chats through their servers? It'll just chew up some bandwidth).

      The netstat command shows all current connections (local or remote), and one of them will be your DCC connection with that other guy. You will then be able to see his/her IP or hostname.

  • Hiding via wingate

    • Wingate spoofing: the easy way:

    • For this one you have to have mIRC 5.4*. 

      Go to the setup of mIRC (file, setup) and choose for 'Firewall. Enable 'use SOCKS firewall'. Enter your Wingate server in the 'Hostname' textbox. 'User ID' and 'Password' must remain empty. Default port is 1080. Click 'ok' and connect to an IRC server. That's it.

    • Wingate spoofing: the hard way 1:

    • You can use your normal IRC client. Stay offline and type in the status windows: 

      /server wingate-ip:[port 23] ie /server Address) 23

      Alway connect to port 23

      Something like this will appear:

      Then you'll get a bunch of garbage like wingate in ascii characters

      *** Connecting to (23)
      Local host: (
      ?š?š?›WinGate>NICK `yrnick`
      Connecting to host NICK...Host name lookup for 'NICK' failed
      USER god "rdg" ""
      Connecting to host USER god "rdg" "" ...Host name lookup for 'USER god "" "" ' failed

      You are now connected to the Wingate. On to the next step. Connecting to IRC.

      Typ: /quote 6667 

      Connect to any IRC server you like (and authorized to) and use whatever port you want.

      This will appear:

      -> Server: 9998
      9998 god "rdg" "" ...Host name lookup for 'USER god "" "" ' failed
      Connecting to host

      Next to steps you have to do in a hurry. There isn't much time before you'll get a ping timeout.

      /quote user god bikkel snikkel yrnick
      /quote nick `yrnick`

      Of course you type after nick your own nick. Use 4 different words after /quote user. Otherwise you can't connect.

      Now you're on IRC.

    • Wingate spoofing: the hard way 2:

    • After you get the Wingate ip...type these steps into the edit box in the IRC client:

      /server Address) 23

      Then you'll get a bunch of garbage like wingate in ascii characters

      /raw server you want to connect to) 6667(port)

      The connecting sequence will appear

      /raw user (username) (emailaddress) (userID) (forgotwhatthiswasusedfor,justtypeX)


      /raw nick (nickname)

      And there, you're now wingate spoofing.

    • Wingate spoofing: the hard way 3:

    • Once you have found your Wingate server..........

      1) Connect to the Wingate on port 23 (i.e. ./server 23)

      ** After you connect to the Wingate Server somethin like this should popup:
      ÿûÿûÿýWinGate>NICK RacerX

      Connecting to host NICK...Host name lookup for 'NICK' failed
      USER KrustyKid "HAHA" "" Yuck Fou
      Connecting to host USER KrustyKid "ggggg" "" ...Host name lookup for 'USER KrustyKid "ggggg" "" ' failed

      2) Once connected to the Wingate, Connect to the server you want by by typing ./quoter <server > <port >

      ** After you you type the above in Step #2 something like this should Popup:

      -> Server: <server you typed in >
      7 KrustyKid "ggggg" "" ...Host name lookup for 'USER KrustyKid "ggggg" "" ' failed

      Connecting to host

      ***** NOTE *****
      The last 2 steps you mst do in kinda a hurry... That means be quick about it 

      * As soon as connection to server starts

      3) Type /quote user <blah1> <blah2 > <blah3> <blah4> <blah5> . I doesnt really matter what you use as long as its all different. (i.e. /quote user asdfj sadfi asdn asdfl asdfu)

      4) Type /quote nick <nick>

      If you did it all correct you should be connect to the server fine. Try typing /whois <yournick>. If you didnt get connected try other irc servers.

  • Hiding via HTTP based IRC
  • If u are familiar with IRC or expert enough u can try IRC via HTTP protocol provided u have set yr Browser to use proxy 1st
  • Hiding via Ident Spoof
  • U can download Eyedent spoof pgm to hide.
  • EyeDent spoofer allows you to fake your username on any ident request. like ftp sessions, telnet sessions, irc sessions (is a telnet session anways) from windows. 
  • I will be putting the external link afterwards for Eyedent. (I'm trying to sort out/find the best/original/latest Eyedent)
  • U may search to locate some EyeDent stuff but they could be an old version.
  • Better still if u are using Linux/BSD ...
  • Hiding via Bouncer
  • If u have a suitable Linux/UNIX/BSD server, install BNC (IRC Bouncer)
  • IRC Bounce is designed to be an IRC proxy server. It was based on _Irc Proxy (c)1997-98 James Seter_. IRC Bounce contains the following features:
    • * User configurable via the file bnc.conf
    • * Multi-user
    • * Password capable (RFC 1459 compliant) ...
    • * Additional/latest Source/Tool available from


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