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The Reforms Struggle Movement (Reformasi)

  • The following link to bring you to the Malaysia Justice Forum (KM2) and NewsKINI site. KM2 and NewsKINI sites are dedicated to the justice and freedom struggle in my country. They might have nothing to do with this privacy page... but you can find some cool technology and current world news stuff. The system was created by me and HFM. At the moment the whole thing is being taken care of by HFM.

    The forum is created with some anonymity features while the NewsKINI site automatically mirrors popular malaysia reformasi sites. The forum site is also known as Laman Webantu

  • --ooOoo--

    Your computer is actually spying on you!!. Use the Evidence Eliminator
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Tips for privacy/hiding while surfing. Free list of anonymous public proxy server for yr anonimity N privacy protection. Try to access them or combine them (using perl/c/proxypac file etc) to make yr own surfing anonymous.