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Proxy Stuff N Hiding

Hiding IP via Other Servers

There are a lot of proxy (waiters) out there in this digital world Some are free while some may charge u for their service. We will concentrate on free waiters/proxies. How to 'call' a waiter depends on what kind or server u are dealing with. In each case u will get yr drink tru a waiter if u know how to call the waiters to get the drink from which restaurants.

Free Servers Outside

The common server/restaurants serving the drinks are:

  • HTTP/HTTPS server which serve at port 80, 8080 etc
  • Proxy Server which serve at port 80, 8080, 3128 etc
  • FTP servers which serve at port 21
  • SMTP servers at port 25
  • NNTP servers at port 119
  • PopD servers at port 110
  • TelNet/Wingate servers at port 23
  • Socks servers at port 1080

Why show port nos? Becos u can run a Port Scanner and find an open Port for yr hiding projects!

Or Free Servers Inside....

Besides those servers mentioned above, there are MANY more servers which also serve drinks - but they are different kind of drinks... so they exist at different ports as well Some are very much hidden N used for spying.

They require ports as well, N you yourself could be the servers serving them...... :) Serve to whom? to hackers clients off course

  • Back Orifice = port UDP 31337
  • NetBus = port TCP 12345/12346 etc etc etc!
Facts about HTTP/HTTPS/FTP Proxy Servers

There are few categories of proxy servers/waiters. Some are free N some will charge u for service. U should get Anonymous Proxy aka Non Transparent Proxy

  • Anonymous Proxy.
  • This waiter will forward yr request. He does not care who u are, theoretically... unless u later proved to be a criminal, this little waiter will tell Big Brother about u (if he still remembers....)

  • Non Anonymous Proxy.
  • This waiter will tell the chef who u are N yr table location! This is done by revealing yr original IP via HTTP Environment variables such as HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR Some proxys are web caching servers - so they speed things up too, but u need to RELOAD some pages on some non intelligent caching servers

Hiding IP via Socks
  • These socks proxy are not as popular as the other proxy servers
  • If u want to use them for yr browser make sure it works becos it
  • will overide yr proxy settings N as the result
  • u aint going anywhere.....
  • To avoid confusion - I won't be discussing them in full details.
  • Most socks proxy are running sock4 or sock5 and the problem is
  • a lot of them are not open for public all the time.

Hiding via Anonymizer/CGI

  • Anonymizers are compiled C or CGI driven applications which can switch from
  • one proxy to another. As the result yr IP logged to the destination site will
  • be constantly changing...
  • With source codes available for Squid, Junkbuster, Socks, etc one can build a suitable and fast anonymizer.
  • Technologies available are:
  • The Anonymizer
  • Anonymouse (or here)
  • SSL rewebber
  • IDZap
  • JunkBuster Proxy DownLoad
  • Sample CGI based proxy Source Code: CGiProxy by John Marshall 
  • Freedom Servers from ZeroKnowledge
  • Onion Router
  • Crowds
  • SomeBody

Hiding via Other Methods

  • Sometime u can call a proxy by typing 
  • http://proxy:port/ for some proxy such as
  • for delegate proxy
  • U may try delegate SSL at magusnet proxy server

Hiding via Manual Telnet to Wingate/Whatever

  • This method is used by advanced people only
  • The concept is simple. 
  • Almost all Internet Stuff are client N server based.
  • Each one has an IP N communicate via specified ports.
  • What u should know in advanced is the rule to talk to these servers.
  • Fortunately u can search N study RFCs N many docs out there.
  • Example: HTTP Protocol
    • Suggested Reading: HTTP 1.0 (RFC 1945)   or   HTTP 1.1  or W3C
    • 1st run telnet N connect to a known wingate/firewall etc
    • type telnet 23 (most wingate at port 23)
    • wingate> 80 (assuming server is at port 80)
    • GET /path/to/file/index.html HTTP/1.0 (then press ENTER TWICE)
    • The server will respond with something like

    • HTTP/1.0 200 OK or  HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found if problem and give some other  output to u


      The HTTP version is in the same format as in the request line, "HTTP/x.x". 
      The status code is meant to be computer-readable; the reason phrase is meant to be  human-readable, and may vary. 
      The status code is a three-digit integer, and the first digit identifies the general category of response:

             1xx indicates an informational message only 
                2xx indicates success of some kind 
                3xx redirects the client to another URL 
                4xx indicates an error on the client's part 
                5xx indicates an error on the server's part 

    • Of course u hate typing - but why not make one or two program which randomly select a wingate N automate all the GET N POST to interact with the servers? Well u might will endup as a  hacker.... esp.  if u are interested in reading the 1st few lines of the Server Response 
    • These normally display the O/S N the WebServer Software running over there plus Last Modified Time - something can be used to chk active profile of  the page owner/webmaster! 


Hiding via Spoofing

  • This method is based on deceiving the principle of trust between 2 hosts
  • It can be achieved by analysing the TCP/IP  Packets N Predicting them
  • These methods involved deep understanding of TCP/IP stuff plus some
  • hacking guts inside yrself
  • U need these:

Hiding via exploits

  • In order to do this u need to be a webmaster N yr site is frequently visited
  • by many people, or u are the owner of some wingate/socks/proxy/router where
  • alot of people are passing tru them... or in short
  • u are inside N within  the the transaction path
  • Most people don't care what u are doing in the background at the server side,
  • They just want to see the the content N they don't expect u to hijack their IP.
  • As the result u can send yr stuff by clipping them to the victim's IP
  • A simple example is to
  • create a socket with my contents/stuff N
  • send them using yr IP as a base after
  • manipulating  the REMOTE ADDRESS variable N
  • then  forward it via a proxy to the victim site.
  • (sounds complicated?)

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Finding Proxy
Finding  Proxies

The following sites may contain free or paid proxies:

    Testing a proxy:-

    You can perform a simple proxy check through telnet:

    Suppose the proxy to test is and the port is 8080

    telnet 8080 (on some system u need to type telnet 
    GET (then press enter twice)

    If you get connection refused error, it means such proxy is not open.

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Proxy Search Tools N Privacy Enhancer
    • U can get try to get some proxy by yrself :-
      • by downloading  Proxy Hunter for Windows
      • or filter what u want:  Proxomitron for Windows
      • or use Proxy Stopper:
      • or use JunkBuster Stopper:
      • or manipulate windows registry (dangerous!):
      • Click Windows 95/98/whatever, StartMenu-Run-regedit:
      •   To see Original Settings
          \Internet Settings
          User Agent = Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 95;) 
          (Sample of Yr Originial Settings if using MSIE 4.01)
          (Skip this Part here)
          ProductName = Microsoft Windows 9#
          Version = Windows 9#
          \Internet Settings
          \User Agent
          \Post Platform
          (Your Original Settings Here) = IEAK 
          \Internet Settings
          \User Agent
          \Post Platform
          Myth [Unix-Base] = IEAKMyth [Unix-Base] 
          *Note: tips copied from somewhere
          Or run regedit and search for Mozilla and change from Win to Linux!
      • U can get Proxy by visiting  wwwboard related to
      • hacking, cracking, warez, phreaking and  look at the IP's shown there (many of them will spoof their IP)
      • Domain/Port Scan such as domscan/nmap for linux/bsd etc for ports
      • but remember u could trigger their alarm unless ..
      • u scan in random or indirectly via socks/proxy ..

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Browser Settings for Hiding
    • Changing Yr Browser Setting
      • There are many ways to order drinks from HTTP/FTP servers, indirectly
      • It depend on which table u are sitting (which browser client)
      • For Netscape Ver 4:
      • Click Edit Pref Adv (twice) Proxy - Manual Proxy Conf  (tick) - View
      • For Netscape Ver 3:
      • Click Option - Network Pref - Proxies (Folder) - Manual (tick) - View
      • For MSIE
      • I don't recommend, but u can get some tip/pics from my old homepage...
      • Next Enter the proxy servers N port no. in the appropriate columns.
      • Lastly test the connection at iptools section
      • or enter http://proxy:port/ directly
      • If u are behind from some sort of ip firewalling - u might not be able to use external proxy.
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Anti Proxy Campaign
    • S.A.P.S. = Stop Abusing Proxy Server
      • A campaign is out there to stop u from using other peoples' server.
      • Please do not check/surf with yr proxy connection at this location :-
        • AllFree Web - Proxy check lead u to SAPS


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Free Anon Mail
Tips for privacy/hiding while surfing. Free list of anonymous public proxy server for yr anonimity N privacy protection. Try to access them or combine them (using perl/c/proxypac file etc) to make yr own surfing anonymous.