The search for knowledge is a most honorable one.  Only the knowledgeable manage to succeed in our world where the thick-witted are soon brought down and weeded out by the lack of such.  Every day, they say, you learn something new...I hope that perhaps in these tomes you too will come away with something you hadn't known before and feel somewhat enlightened by the experience.

Professions Title List - A list of all the known profession titles thus far.
GM Assembly
- The assembly held on August 25, 1999 

Storytellers and The Arts
Storyteller's Guide - A guide on storytelling, but contains information pertaining to all professions since a lot of the information is universal and generalized.  It includes topics such as training, roleplaying, fame songs, and puppets just to name a few.
Poetry Guide - Explains a few different writing styles and gives examples of each.
Storyteller Forum - the forum with Tyrian that we had on April 17, 1999

Warriors and Combat
Pathina's Warrior Guide - a nice guide to help the beginning warrior get their feet wet.
Armor Guide - explains what different classes and pieces of armor are and what bonuses they add to your defenses when you use them correctly.
Weapon Guide - tells you what different weapons are and how they can be used to their fullest potential.

Priests and Religion
Ritual List - a list of known rituals with descriptions, some are still missing, if you can help it'd be appreciated.
The Gods and Titans - tells you their likes and dislikes along with a good deal of information on the gods themselves.
Norse Mythology - this is a listing of some of the gods, places, and things over across the water in Midgard.
Deities of Egypt - a guide listing a few of the more prominant gods over in Egypt.

Rogues and Traps
Jherle's Rogues' Guide to Ancient Greece - A very informative guide for all you would be rogue's out there.  If you've got a lockpick in your hand and you're just starting out, make sure this guide is in your other.

Alchemists and Foraging
Alchemical Solutions - tells you what scrolls you need to use to learn each solution along with what each does and how it is made.
Foraging Guide - tells you a few spots that you can forage for most of the  herbs out there along with a little information on each herb so you'll know next time what you're foraging for when you grab a woad leaf off a tree.
Creeo's Alchemist Guide
- A good place to start for all you young, aspiring alchemists out there!

Shopping and Commerce
The Well Dressed Athenian - Don't know the difference himation and a crustacean?  Not sure if you should slip into a chiton or snap it on?   If you think a torc has something to do with creating tension then this is the guide for you.
Gem Guide - Find out what those pieces of rock you keep finding on critters actually looks like, and see what it can do to help you besides make you a few dinars.

Next we have price lists which tell the prices merchants charge (for humans anyway) along with which items can be customized, what they can be customized with, and how much the customization costs.
Northwest Quadrant Eleusis and Oinoe
Southwest Quadrant Anavyssos
Southeast Quadrant Alexandria
Northeast Quadrant Tashen Samonza
Piraeus The Wilds
Thebes The Black Market

People and Places
Guide to Miscellaneous Creatures and People - those people and creatures that don't quite fit under the Gods and Titans category such as Maenades, Cereberus, Charon, Centaurs, Giants, etc.
Trainer List - gives the locations of all the trainers in Athens, and a few that aren't, it works well in conjunction with my maps that also have trainers' locations marked.
Who ARE These People?! - A list of the trainers and who they are and where their names came from, if some of them looked familiar to you there may be a good reason why.  I'm hoping to have shop keepers and street names, and maybe even players who's names are from Greek myths at some point.

Food and Drink
Guide to Drinking in Greece - goes into detail about the different drinks you can find in Greece and Norway along with where they can be found.  Also contains a container dictionary to let you know what it is exactly that you're drinking from.
Athenian Cuisine - goes into detail about some of the different foods available in Greece that are a bit obscure and not well know.  For example...dolmades, keftedes, gyros, etc.

Recreation and Entertainment
Verbs for the Verbose - An extensive guide to the verbs we use to express ourselves every day, over 400 verbs.  If you find anything I have missed please e-mail me... a few still need adding like water, mule, critter, and dancing verbs.
Fishing Guide - A guide describing all the fish you can catch, from bluegill's to the infamous "Ketos".
Sandcastle Building - Tells you what you need to know to build that perfect sandcastle.
A Gaming Guide - The gambling we all know and love.  Covered games within the game like Eureka and Tiles.