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Where bitch-slapping trash pop culture and highbrow literary aspersions meet, greet, and sleep with their cousins.

Hello, and welcome to the X-Files Shack, proud home of the most obscure, strange, and almost tasteless X-F related stuff you'll ever see. I like to think of us as Chris Carter's worst nightmare. Except for waking up to find he's actually Mulder.

Anyway, the X-Files Shack is the place to go when you want the truth to be in your freezer section, and you've got to just laugh at your favorite show. All of your favorite X-Files characters love to hang at the Shack, just to unwind...

So sit back, relax, blend yourself up a nice strawberry margarita, and enjoy.

The Reviews
Where X-Files episodes come to be slaughtered with style.

The Reviews of the Future

Coming Soon... Darin Morgan Time on the X-Files Shack!
Because he went to El Cajon Valley High and really, you shouldn't be able to live that down.

The Links

Not even the coolest desk elf can do it alone...
These sites help inspire me and good stuff like that. Parental Guidance Suggested.
Crack Aficianado: The drug of choice for desk elves, if desk elves did drugs.
Virtual Crack: Send your loved ones crack. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
OBSSE Without them, there would be no desk elf evil. Or Bead. Or... you get the point.
Zorak's Page of Extreme Negativity: I think Zorak would like the Shack in that way that he hates everything.
Redneck Jedi: If there's a Mojo side to the force and a Jojo side to the force, this is the Hojo side to the force.
Ghost Planet News: Space Ghost likes the elves. He does! He said so the time Ray Jay Johnson and Charles Nelson Reilly were on!
Bert is Evil!: You always knew it was true. Now see the proof.
Mr. Hat's Hellhole: I don't see any South Park influence in us, do you?
The French Coke Site: Because Pepsi is not a desk-elf sanctioned soda.
The Mystical Monkeys Mojo and Jojo are my homies!

Just in case you needed more eye candy or something

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