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    Key Benefits
    • Database of all certificate information.

    • Font blends into certificate MUCH better than a typewriter.

            This Page is dedicated to the programs I either have created or will be creating creating for this church calling.  Please check here periodically for updates and new programs.

               I have a serious problem with members of the LDS church who create a product that is very targeted.  For example, I have found that members hike up the price for a lot of things that are only designed for use by other members.  This seems ridiculous and almost greedy.  Therefore I create programs for use as freeware.  By doing this I am dedicating my time and efforts to the building up of the kingdom of God without trying to take advantage of everybody else along the way.  Perhaps if everybody else felt this way there would be much less poverty in the world.  It is ridiculous to charge anybody money to buy software designed for the work of God.

               I hope you find these programs easy to use and very helpful.  Thank you for your support.

    Certificate for Baptisms and Confirmation. 

    Created with Microsoft Access 2000.  Just enter the information in the corrects fields and click the Print Button.  Then all you have to do is run the certificate through the printer.  PLEASE RUN A BLANK SHEET OF PAPER THROUGH FIRST! Do this so that you can see how to correctly place the certificate in the paper feed tray.

    Certificate for Aaronic Priesthood. 

    Works as above. (In progress)




    Cub Tracks

    FO Belzer


    LDS Members

    LDS Palm Desktop


    My Car Mileage

    My Goals

    Password Locker

    People Counter

    Quality Unit

    Tome Vault

    TOS Episode Guide

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    Ward ORG

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