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    Ultimate Tithes

    Key Benefits
    • Version 1.1 

    • 94 k

    • Each database holds up to 32,000 records.

    • Hold Bishopric information.

    • Track Tithing deposits in order by date.

    • Get sum of current Tithing deposit.

    • Get sum of ALL Tithing deposits.

    • Enter multiple checks.

    • Enter check number.

    • Enter notes for Tithing deposit.

    • Enter notes for Bishopric.

    Welcome to Ultimate Tithes v1.

    You can see all the different way to keep track of tithing issues.

    Button-button! Who's got the button?


    • Exit the program.

    • Delete record.

    • New record.

    • Notes.

    • Previous PAGE.


    • There are 2 left arrows. 

      • The most left arrow will go to the FIRST RECORD.

      • Moving to the right (slightly raised), this arrow will go to the PREVIOUS  RECORD.

    • There are 2 right arrows.

      • The most right arrow will go to the LAST  RECORD.

      • Moving to the left (slightly raised), this arrow will got to the NEXT RECORD.

    Here you can enter all the information about your tithing deposit. After you enter data in all the fields you need to, tap the Total field to refresh the total for the record.

    • Date entry field.

    • Tap the Checks button to go to the Checks window.

    • Tap the Cash button to go to the Cash window.

    • Tap the Other button to go to the Other window.  

    You can enter the amounts from different check along with the corresponding check number.


    The date field should not be editable.

    If there is cash and/or coins in your tithing, you enter the amounts in the Cash window.

    You can enter information here about the Other money here.  This will not change the amount of the Other field in the Payment Entry window.  This is for informational purposes only.

    Get a quick view of all your tithing deposits here.


    You can also see the complete Total of all tithing deposits from the first entry to the last.

    Keep notes about your tithing here.

    Need to know about your Bishopric? Enter all the information you need here.


    The drop-down list is for the Position to enter.


    It is important to note that the Bishop, 1st Councilor and 2nd Councilor are the only 3 people that can accept your tithing.  You must give it directly to one of them. (LDS policy.)

    Keep notes about your Bishopric here.

    Get a quick view of all your Bishopric here.



    February 16, 2003
    • Update to version 1.1

    • Fixed bug when clicking the "Other:" button in the Payment Entry window.

      Error: When entering data in the "Other" window the data would carry into the "Other" field in the "Payment Entry" window.  Example: If I enter a word in the "Other" window it would then display in the "Other" field in the "Payment Entry" window.





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