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    TOS Episode Guide

    Version 1.0

    Check out the cool front window! Well, not really but it's the best I could do.  I am not graphically enhanced.

    Tap the 1, 2 or 3 to go to the respective Seasons.

    Here is displayed the Menu that can be accessed from any window.

    Here you will see a complete list, in chronological order, of the episodes of the Season.  There are more then what is shown. use the rocker buttons to go up and down the list.

    Tap an Episode to go to the Information window.

    In the Information Window you can see more information about the episode. Right now all I have is the title of the episode. I may include a brief synopsis later.

    You can check the box if you want to show that you have seen the episode.

    You may also enter a number in the field to the right of the "Viewed" checkbox to display how many times you have seen the episode.

    The List button will take you to the list for the current Season you are in. 

    The Main button takes you to the Main window.





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