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    LDS Members


    Key Benefits
    • Version 1.0

    • Keep up to 32,000 records

    The 2003 version of Ward MIS software at you local ward's clerk office can now generate Palm Database files.  Actually they are simple CSV (comma separated value) files.  The problem I have is that I do not have Excel on my PDA so I could not do anything with the file.  I created this program to for use with the database created with LDS Palm Desktop.  Now I can see all the information about each member of my ward.  Being the Ward Membership Clerk, this program comes in handy.

    Here is the main window.

    Edit form 1

    Note: The "Update ?" is defaulted to "NO".  If there is a change to the member information tap the "YES" button.  This is handy when you have a lot of changes. You can view all the changes in the "View Updates" form.

    Edit for 2

    Note: Click the "Legend" button to view the legend.


    You can view all members by last name here.  Tap a name to go to the edit form for that member.

    An example of an Update.
    The name of the member that has been updated.




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    LDS Members

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