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    LDS Palm Desktop

    File size: 225k


    • Import CSV from Church computer.

    • Create Palm Pilot database useable with LDS HT VT, LDS Members and Ward ORG

    • Comes with LDS HT VT, LDS Members and Ward ORG pda apps.

    Why I did it...

    Being the Ward Membership clerk for the last 2.5 years has been great.  I was excited when we got the latest MIS/FIS upgrade that allowed me to generate Palm files for those with the Bishop's permission.  There was only one problem.  The files generated were not viewable on a Palm Pilot without some kind of Excel-type program because the files were in .csv (comma separated value) format.  Since I don't like to spend money on stuff (which is why my site is all freeware) I decided to create my own palm program and database.  all I did was set up the program and database properties then imported the .csv file using PDB Exlporer.  Then I wanted to be the first in the world to to publish this to others.  Since the process is so involved I thought it would too involved for non-palm experienced people to get the database created.  Now with the help of Visual Basic I have created a program to do it for you.  


    • When having the .csv file created at church, make sure the address lines are not combined!!

    • Update: May 29, 2003: I have update the program and fixed some bugs thanks to some great emails lately.  Also the look has changed.  This is a work in progress but I thought that you may want to get a good version.  The program also allows you to create the PDA database for the LDS HT VT and Ward Org (palm app) programs that I will post this weekend.  I have to make sure it is working top-notch before I let it loose.

    • Please install VB 6 Runtime.  More information from Microsoft

    Feel free to email me with problems you are having with this Desktop program.  I hope I don't get many ;-)


    Step 1)  Generate files from local Ward's computer.

    Step 2)  When having the .csv file created at church, make sure the address lines are not combined!!

    Step 3)  Insert your floppy disk into your computer.

    Step 4)  Run LDS Palm Desktop

    Refer to the picture below.

    1)  This section is where you will select the files on your floppy disk that you would like to create a palm database from.  Simply check the box next to name of each file type ie Members, Organization etc.  The box to the right of each file type is for display purposes only.  It will populate with the number of records in the database it creates just so you can see how many records there are.  You may also click the "All" button to select all 4 file types instead of checking them individually.  Click the "None" button to remove all checks.

    2)  If your Palm information resides in a C:\Palm directory then you may use this section.  It simply installs the PDA programs (LDS Members, Ward Org etc) onto your PDA for you.  This was you do not have to "hunt them down".

    3)  This checkbox will, if checked, copy database files into your install directory for you so that all you have to do is hotsync your PDA without having to find the database files (which are automatically created in the program directory C:\Program Files\AppsByAaron\LDS Palm Decktop) and install them yourself. 

    4)  GO!  Once you have selected all your options click this button to run the processes and create your new files.

    Menu Options

    File\Read DIR

    Use this Menu option to read your files from a specific directory on your computer if you have copies the files from your floppy.  This is MUCH faster than reading the files from a floppy.

    Palm\User Dir

    Here you can select which user you wish to use if there are multiple users on your computer.

    Palm\Install Palm DB

    This is your Palm Install Tool.  It works just as it always has.


    Sometimes the program will ask you to go to a specific area and complete a process.  There are reasons for this.  Just follow the pop up directions.






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