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    Cub Tracks


    Download v3.2
    Key Benefits
    • Version 3.2

    • 436 k

    • Keep up to 32,000 records.



    Download v3.2 Lite
    Key Benefits
    • Version 3.2

    • 124 k (See below for further differences.)

    • Keep up to 32,000 records.

    The opening window. Pretty huh?

    Button-button! Who's got the button?

    These buttons are for Cub Tracks!

    • Exit the program.

    • Delete record.

    • New record.

    • Notes.

    • Previous PAGE.

    • Next PAGE.

    • There are 2 left arrows. 

      • The most left arrow will go to the FIRST RECORD.

      • Moving to the right (slightly raised), this arrow will go to the PREVIOUS  RECORD.

    • There are 2 right arrows.

      • The most right arrow will go to the LAST  RECORD.

      • Moving to the left (slightly raised), this arrow will got to the NEXT RECORD.

    These buttons are for Cub Tracks Lite!

    They have the same layout as the other version but lack the pictures.  This is the only difference between Cub Tracks and Cub Tracks Lite. By removing the button pictures the programs file size is reduced from 436k to 124k.  This makes the the program usable on PDAs with smaller memory capacity (like my Palm m100).

    Here is the new Tiger Cub window.  There are 15 achievements for the Tigers which you can see here represented by checkboxes.  Tap a checkbox to check it off.
    Also new to the Personal section are 2 buttons labeled "Parents".  I added this by request from an email where a leader wanted to have the ability to enter data for 2 parents because the parents were divorced.  Here you go.
    As stated above, there are 2 parent windows for entering data for 2 parents.  This is what each window looks like.
    The notes window.
    The main Bobcat window. Once again you can tap each checkbox to check or uncheck it.

    We start with the Wolves.

    • Two check boxes are here to record a Quality Unit and/or a World Conservation award.

    • Enter in the field to the right of the Silver Arrows the number of arrows earned.

    • The Gold Arrows field will automatically tell you how many Gold arrows are earned. It's very precise. :)

    • You can enter the date that the boy earned the Wolf patch also.

    • Tapping the button will take you to the Wolf Personal window.

    Tapping the little down arrow to the right of the Name will bring down a list of all names in the database. These can be entered in the Database window.

    • You'll notice that the boy's name will stay the same here.

    • Enter the boy's next birthday, or the day he advances to the next rank, in the "Next B-Day" field.

    • Days until the date entered above will be displayed next. If you do not see a number here, simply tap the empty (or confused) field. Before a date is entered above, there may be a funky number displayed here. It is nothing to worry about.

    • Enter a phone number if you want.

    • Tapping the button will take you to the Wolves window


    The Bears window works just like the Wolf window explained above.



    The Webelos window works just like the Wolf window explained above.

    Keep track of the progress toward the Arrow of Light with these check boxes.


    Enter the date that the Patch was earned here also.

    Looks familiar. See the Wolf and Bear Personal windows.


    You need to keep track of your leaders too.


    Enter the names of your leaders in the Database window too.


    Use the Trained check box to let you know if they are or not.


    There are 3 places to put position information. Ever hold more than one position? Sure you have.


    If you do not see the need position here, go to the Leader Notes window.

    Notice the scrollbar in the Email section.  You may need the extra space for multiple emails addresses.

    Put anything you like here.  The scrollbar helps you get to the bottom of things. :)

    The Contacts' windows are almost identical to the Leaders' windows.



    Here is the Database window. It is used to enter the names of people you need. This database is used only for names.


    Each "section" (Wolves, Bears, etc.) information is kept in it's own database behind the scenes. You can see these databases with Filez, a freeware program to see everything in your PDA.


    When you delete Cub Tracks 3.1 all of these databases will be deleted as well. Although I can't figure out a reason why you would want to delete this program from your PDA.


    Added the ability to sort the database. Just tap the "Sort DB" button. July 2, 2002.


    Added the Database Beaming section to beam each database to another PDA.  April 5, 2003





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