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twinz, inc. HeroClix

Art Anomalies

This is a list of cards that contain disturbing errors in the art. Some lamers didn't do their homework, so we've decided to exploit them for what they're not worth. If you know of any other artistic anomalies in the game of OverPower, or disagree with any of our listings, just drop us a line. Enjoy!


Adam Warlock - The Infinity Watch
As the great Titan Thanos could tell you, the Soul Gem is definitely green, not red.

Bishop - Absorb Energy
How the hell do you lose a tattoo?

Bishop - Draw Enemy Fire
Hey, isn't there supposed to be a "M" on his right eye?

Captain America - Mighty Shield
Ya know, even in "Heroes Reborn" Cap didn't have a star on his head. The chest, back, and shield are enough.

Cyclops - Fearless Leader
This might not be a mistake, but the picture might imply that the scene takes place during the Dark Phoenix Saga. Slim had much different duds back then!

Mister Fantastic - Protect Teammate
So when did the team switch to an open, generic-looking "4"?

Nick Fury - Infinity Formula
This one isn't the artist's fault! We've seen the original art, it's correct. So Fleer screwed it up. Imagine that.

Scarlet Spider - Arachnid Gizmos
Wonder how many of you caught this one! The spider on Reilly's chest points toward his left shoulder, not the right.

Super Skrull - Skrull and Crossbones
Look at how smooth the pretty boy is! Ain't never seen a Skrull with a chin like that!!!

Power Cards
Level 3 Fighting - Original OverPower
Unlike most human-looking superheroes, Longshot can only count to eight on his hands.

Level 3 Fighting - PowerSurge
Looks like they tried to hide their mistake in round two with the zoom-in, but you can still see the right hand.

7 Energy + F/S - PowerSurge
What's that guy's name in the red outfit? Might help if they'd put the "DD" on his chest.

Fatal Attractions - The Best Laid Plans
Geez, third time wasn't a charm here. Once again, Bishop's "M" tattoo on his eye is M.I.A.