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The OverPower Meta Rules
as previously seen on the
Official OverPower Website!!!

Much thanks goes out to RETIARIUS, the man that gave us the files to make this possible. It's all because of him! He was brilliant enough to save the files from the official site while it was still up, and now we can all benefit since overpower.com is no longer with us. Enjoy!

The following material is hot stuff, we got it all off the back of a truck. PLEASE read these notes before you begin:

  1. The rulebook and specials downloadable zips DO work, so feel free to download these easy to use Word formats for your own computer.
  2. The individual links to each Code, Meta Rule, and Category at the Guide to Playing Specials DO NOT work, as those files are not available to us.
  3. The printable guides at the Guide to Playing Specials are working links, for easy printing.
  4. All of the individual Iinks in the Guide to Inherents are working.
  5. Please do not send any e-mail to OPRulesQNA@aol.com. We highly doubt that account is still used, but they may get pissed if you tell 'em the infamous twinz posted all their old stuff.
  6. Any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message, we'll be happy to help.

The OverPower Rules

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