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The "Why I Love twinz, inc. OverPower"
Contest WINNER!

Grand Prize (1): MARK REEVES
Mark has won a Blue Beetle hero, along with Certificate of Infamy, as well as any card of his choosing from the Haves list on our trading page. His chosen card was the Namor: Sub-Mariner character from X-Men OverPower. He also went home with a bunch of other cool stuff. His essay was amazing, mentioning our infinite power and knowledge. Mr. Reeves' essay was also the longest, but that didn't give him the win, it was the content, folks. Congratulations, Mark!

Runners-Up (2): Jeremy Johnson and Josh Poch
We've decided to give out two other awards based on outstanding content, and these two fine young men will receive cool prizes also.

Jeremy Johnson was the ONLY person who followed every rule for entering the contest, and he also was the sole person that threatened to harm us. That was cool and he was willing to bribe us with cards & women if needed.

Josh Poch made some good points in his essay, touching on almost all of our sections. He has some good writing skills, even though he's a Canuck.

How They Won: We wanted you to write an essay of 4,645 words or less telling us why you love twinz, inc. OverPower. Many of you entered, and won!

The essays we received varied in so many ways, and it was difficult to pick a single winner and then decide who else wrote an essay beyond the call of duty. It seems as if everybody had fun writing , and nobody held back trying to inflate our egos. It was a TON of fun reading 'em too. However, a lot of you out there apparently believe that Blue Beetle is our favorite OverPower character. Not so. He sucks and pops up in every pack of Justice League being extremely annoying, and that's why he's the basis of our awards, which is our version of a "No-Prize." You guys went full blast with these things, and we even had a haiku essay, which was set aside as soon as we checked to see if it was in the correct haiku format. Almost got style points, Razor, just do your homework next time J . Another strange and unusual entrant decided to dub us as being "famous" instead of "infamous." Take your seats, because school is now in session. We are indeed infamous, not famous. The definition of infamous is being famous in a bad way, like Rob Liefeld. Oh yeah, in another essay we got, the entrant wanted to marry us. A male entrant. 'Nuff said about that one. Oh, dunno if any of you picked up on this or not, but nobody mentioned it in their essay: The maximum for number of words was 4645, which just happen to be Blue Beetle's stats. If any of you are ticked off about not winning, go trash talk all ya want at the PowerSurge section of Stryfe's message board. Thanks to all for entering, and we hope you continue to be a regular visitor to twinz, inc. OverPower.

Johnny Cochran Said:
No purchase necessary. Contest is open to anyone except employees of twinz, inc., their immediate families, and anyone who listens to k.d. lang. Type your name, date of birth (not mandatory), address, city, state, zip, country (if you're not a Yankee), URL (if applicable), and attach the file (or you can just type it in the e-mail) to your entry. Enter as many times as you like, as long as you enter no more than once. E-Mail your entries to the_twinz@hotmail.com with the subject heading "Essay." All entries and rights relating thereto become property of the infamous twinz and none will be returned unless you beg for mercy. All taxes (federal, state, and local, if any) will be the responsibility of the prize winner(s). Prizes are awarded in the names of the contest winners and are not transferable. Offer void where prohibited, regulated, or restricted by law in a manner inconsistant with the purposes and rules hereof. All entries must be received at contest headquarters by November 31, 1999. The infamous twinz are not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, or badly written entries. Winners will be selected based on originality or creativity by twinz, inc. We do take bribes. Odds of winning will be determined by the number of valid entries received prior to the closing date of the contest. Winners will be notified approximately one week after the contest deadline. If an entrant, having been declared as a winner, does not accept the prize or the prize or prize notification is undeliverable, another entry will be selected, and the original winner will be ridiculed and labeled as a moron for the rest of his or her life. In the event that a prize is not available or it becomes impossible for the sponsors to award the prize which has been designated, the sponsors retain the right to substitute a prize or product of equal value to the winner. We also reserve the right to award additional prizes to entrants & winners, unless somebody has a problem with getting more free stuff. Determination of whether a prize or product is of equal value is in the sole discretion of the sponsors, so there. Winning entries will be selected on or about November 31, 1999.